Suanda: Voice Hits, Volume One mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Suanda: Voice Hits, Volume Oneby Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:47:13


1.Don't Give Up (Radio Edit) (and Denis Sender feat. Cari)by Roman Messer3:05
2.Light My Way (Sunset pres. Symsonic Remix) (and Lucid Blue)by Frainbreeze6:37
3.Lonely Tonight (Radio Edit)by Moonlight Tunes2:41
4.Beyond (Original Mix)by Michael Li7:02
5.The Reason (Attila Syah Remix) (and Eranga feat. Mark Frisch)by Mino Safy5:58
6.You May Love (Denis Airwave Remix) (feat. Eskova)by Simon O'Shine6:11
7.So Strong (Mark W Remix) (feat. Dilara Gadel)by CubeTonic5:12
8.Frozen (Ltn Sunrise Remix) (feat. Christina Novelli)by Roman Messer5:21
9.Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) (and Moonlight Tunes)by Frainbreeze5:04
10.Game Over (Club Mix)by Aelyn6:25
11.Call Of The Wild (Original Mix) (and Lucid Blue)by Armos6:26
12.Spells (Original Mix) (and Dennis Graft)by Vadim Spark5:20
13.Closer (Denis Airwave Remix) (feat. Eric Lumiere)by Roman Messer6:24
14.Did We Feel (Frainbreeze Progressive Mix) (and Alexandra Badoi)by Feel6:08
15.Music Is My Suicide (Radio Edit)by Moonlight Tunes2:56
16.Born Into Light (Mark W Remix) (feat. Crystal Blakk)by Rich Triphonic5:15
17.Black Eagle (Original Mix)by Frainbreeze5:25
18.Rise To Fall (Original Mix) (and Lucid Blue)by Boostereo4:02
19.349 (Original Mix)by Kir Tender5:46
20.Drifting (Original Mix) (feat. Sarah Shields)by Feel5:55