Sunset Sessions, Vol. 1 by Various Artists

Sunset Sessions, Vol. 1

by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:21:32


1.Heliopolis (Framewerk's Floating In Space Mix)by Banco De Gaia5:17
2.Crystal Waterby Framewerk3:54
3.Acby Motel Sazani9:10
4.Interludeby NuFects4:25
5.Speak (Ffunk Remix)by Senseless Live4:35
6.Fancyby Antrim6:54
7.Albion (Air) (Intro Reprise)by Framewerk4:20
8.The Experiment (Beatless Version)by Drug4u7:03
9.You Are My Freedomby Angerless8:02
10.Orizonby ECLEKTIC11:16
11.Sunsetby Johny James2:43
12.For Sure For Certain (Framewerk's Catching Fire Remix)by Senseless Live6:58
13.Daybreakby Andreas Golias10:02
14.Chimes (Beatless Mix)by Framewerk6:04
15.No Dreams, No Sorrow (Remix)by Drug4u7:36
16.Burning Soul (Alex Amster Remix)by Soulshade5:56
17.Freaky Chakra (Reprise)by Framewerk5:15
18.And I Think To Myselfby Angerless7:39
19.Universal Thought (Wanna Be Loved) (Olej & Stereoteric Falling In Love Remix)by Framewerk6:56
20.Cosmic Heartby ECLEKTIC8:19
21.Longer (feat. Camilla Voice)by Deep Sound Effect5:35
22.Dream Sequence Oneby Framewerk3:33