Super Eurobeat Presents Euromach 10: Non-Stop Parapara Mix mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Super Eurobeat Presents Euromach 10: Non-Stop Parapara Mixby Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:36


Disk #1

1.Take My Breath Awayby Ace3:34
2.Samuraiby Jimmy Bravo2:27
3.Crazy for Loveby Dusty2:22
4.Shake Me Upby Jungle Bill2:13
5.Love Gunby Mr. M2:22
6.Laser Gunby Jungle Bill2:08
7.Flying Around the Worldby Bazooka Girl2:26
8.Gucci Girlby Cindy2:42
9.Sheik Yarbati Movesby Ely Kotero2:30
10.Baby Besameby Doki Doki2:14
11.Baby Baby Blueby Lolita2:38
12.Touch Me Babyby Doctor Stranger2:17
13.Big Yeahby Kiki & Kika2:24
14.Fameby Ace Warrior2:26
15.Don't Goby Ace2:52
16.Queen of the Nightby Giorgia Barrows2:26
17.Another Loveby Emy3:08
18.Take My Timeby High Level2:29
19.In Your Eyesby Kika2:38
20.Crazy Generationby Christine2:26
21.Everybody Danceby Lolita2:45
22.You Make Me Feelby Dusty2:10
23.Foxy Ladyby Jeff Driller2:29
24.Chica Locaby Jeff Driller2:12
25.Bang Bang Bangby Joe Banana2:33
26.Velfarre 2000by Bazooka Girl2:57
27.Johnny Goby Volta & Gabbana2:07
28.Rocket Manby Fastway1:51
29.X-Man Storyby Jackie 'O2:33
30.Super Euro Flashby Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl2:15

Disk #2

1.1 2 3 4 Fireby Fastway3:42
2.Solid Goldby Dusty2:42
3.Spaceloveby Fastway3:01
4.Play the Musicby Ace2:47
5.Go Go to Heavenby Mel & Kim2:43
6.Easy Busyby Kiki & Kika2:44
7.Ike Ikeby Tri-Star3:00
8.Ganguroby Franz Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals2:22
9.Black Magicby Joe Banana2:51
10.Donna Tokyoby Luna2:49
11.Sugar Sugar Honeyby Linda Ross2:29
12.Love Trainby Susan Key2:33
13.Made of Fireby Niko2:30
14.Bad Worldby Ken Martin1:58
15.Sexy Sexy Sexyby Ken Martin3:07
16.Deja Vuby Dave Rodgers1:41
17.Think of Youby Lolita2:10
18.Love Me Toniteby Go Go Girls2:09
19.Do You Wanna Danceby Go Go Girls2:27
20.Celebration Timeby Doki Doki2:09
21.Hello Goodbyeby Priscilla2:10
22.To be Your Angelby Christine2:24
23.I Need Somebody to Loveby Louise2:16
24.Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat)by Bazooka Girl2:11
25.Suck a Bazookaby Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl2:09
26.Bandolero Comancheroby Franz Tornado And The Mad Cow Girls2:13
27.The Boom Boom Powerby Tam Arrow2:31
28.Mikadoby Dave Mc Loud2:47
29.Stop Lookin' Backby Nick Mansell1:56
30.Money Go Roundby Fastway3:31