Super Eurobeat, Volume 248: Non-Stop Mega Mix mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Super Eurobeat, Volume 248: Non-Stop Mega Mixby Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:25:37


Disk #1

1.Speedwayby Niko3:17
2.Dancerby Mako2:26
3.Bandolero Comanchero (and The Mad Cow Girls)by Franz Tornado2:33
4.Sexy Sexy Sexyby Ken Martin2:41
5.Crazy for Loveby Dusty2:38
6.Ike Ikeby Tri-Star1:51
7.Made of Fireby Niko2:19
8.Hello Goodbyeby Priscilla2:19
9.Jealousyby Virginelle1:52
10.Ale' Japanby Dave Rodgers1:59
11.Dreamin' of Youby Lolita2:46
12.ParaPara Paradiseby Domino1:37
13.Stay the Nightby Dave Rodgers2:21
14.Don't Wanna Lose You Babyby Nuage2:25
15.Sundayby Nuage2:41
16.Wanna be Your Emotionby Lolita2:10
17.The Final Countdownby Dave Rodgers2:01
18.Made for Loving Youby Frank Torpedo1:38
19.Looking for Loveby Kevin Johnson2:41
20.Bangby Pizza Girl1:11
21.Easy Busyby Kiki & Kika2:40
22.Play the Musicby Ace2:26
23.Killerby Dave Simon2:41
24.Hot Vampireby Go Go Girls2:09
25.Take My Breath Awayby Ace2:43
26.Fever the Nightby Matt Land2:05
27.Over the Rainbowby Powerful T.2:24
28.Velfarre 2000by Bazooka Girl3:09
29.Ganguro (and The Yamanba-Gals)by Franz Tornado2:53
30.Super Euro Flash (and Bazooka T.C.V. Girl)by Franz Tornado3:06

Disk #2

1.777by Fastway2:33
2.Like a Fireby Mark Foster3:14
3.Horror Fantasyby Scream Team2:52
4.Go Go's and the Monkeysby Go Go Girls1:58
5.Face to Faceby Oda2:14
6.Bad Tonightby Morris2:00
7.Now and Foreverby Valery Scott3:06
8.I Really Want to be Your Magicby Nuage2:25
9.My Heart Burns Like a Fireby Lolita2:30
10.Sunshine in Your Eyesby Dave & Domino2:18
11.Rainin' in My Heart (and Ace)by Melissa White2:20
12.Me, Myself & Iby Christine1:40
13.Emotionsby Stephy Martini2:04
14.Victimby Leslie Parrish2:48
15.Without Youby Madison3:17
16.Still Loveby Nuage2:50
17.Crazy & Readyby Phil2:17
18.Moon Childby Ace1:48
19.I Wanna Take You Upby Lolita2:30
20.We'll Stop the Timeby A-Beat Boys2:15
21.Never Give Up (In the Name of Love)by Kevin Johnson2:06
22.Hold On to Loveby Stylophones2:28
23.Car of Your Dreamsby Dave & Nuage2:00
24.Super Strikerby Go 22:23
25.Queen of Fireby Jimmy Bravo2:09
26.Little Donby The Factory Team3:24
27.Queenby Mark Foster2:44
28.Bugabuga Chew Chewby Boogaboo2:21
29.Chemical Loveby Kevin & Cherry3:07
30.Not for Saleby Go 22:14