Super Meat Boy! Double CD Special Edition Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Super Meat Boy! Double CD Special Edition Soundtrackby Various Artists

  • 73 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:00


Disk #1

1.Boy Meats Girl (Intro Movie)by dB soundworks1:04
2.Super Meat Boy! (Main Theme)by dB soundworks0:38
3.Forest Funk (Ch 1 Light World)by dB soundworks3:01
4.Ballad of the Burning Squirrel (Ch 1 Dark World)by dB soundworks2:51
5.The Battle of Lil' Slugger (Ch 1 Boss)by dB soundworks2:14
6.Betus Blues (Ch 2 Light World)by dB soundworks3:12
7.C.H.A.D.'s Broken Wind (Ch 2 Dark World)by dB soundworks3:47
8.C.H.A.D.'s Lullaby (Ch 2 Boss)by dB soundworks2:25
9.Can o' Salt (Ch 3 Light World)by dB soundworks3:20
10.Rocket Rider (Ch 3 Dark World)by dB soundworks3:00
11.Fast Track to Browntown (Ch 3 Boss)by dB soundworks2:24
12.Hot Damned (Ch 4 Light World)by dB soundworks2:54
13.Devil n' Bass (Ch 4 Dark World)by dB soundworks2:40
14.Meat Golem (Ch 4 Boss)by dB soundworks2:45
15.It Ends (Ch 5 Light World)by dB soundworks3:24
16.Dr. Fetus' Castle (Ch 5 Dark World)by dB soundworks3:02
17.Larries' Lament (Ch 5 Boss)by dB soundworks2:49
18.It Ends 2: End Harder (Ch 6 Levels)by dB soundworks3:07
19.Carmeaty Burana (Ch 6 Boss)by dB soundworks4:25
20.Escape!by dB soundworks2:36
21.End Creditsby dB soundworks1:38
22.McLarty Party People (Ch 7 Levels)by dB soundworks3:00
23.Meat Spin (Teh Internets Levels)by dB soundworks1:41
24.Forest Funk RETRO (Ch 1 Warp Zone)by dB soundworks3:00
25.Betus Blues RETRO (Ch 2 Warp Zone)by dB soundworks3:12
26.Can o' Salt RETRO (Ch 3 Warp Zone)by dB soundworks3:21
27.Hot Damned RETRO (Ch 4 Warp Zone)by dB soundworks2:54
28.It Ends RETRO (Ch 5 Warp Zone)by dB soundworks3:24

Disk #2

1.mAEt b0y (remix)by A_Rival4:40
2.Spoiled R0TT3N (remix)by Benjamin Briggs3:29
3.MATTIAS' MANMEAT MIX (remix)by Mattias Häggström Gerdt3:25
4.Metal Meat (remix)by George "Android-Music" Dziov3:21
5.Boss Burger n' Chips (remix)by Inverse Phase3:34
6.Meatcraft (remix)by C4183:31
7.Power of the Meat (remix) (feat. Melinda Hershey)by Josh Whelchel5:32
8.Trailer Introby dB soundworks1:09
9.Meat Boy (Flash) Titleby dB soundworks1:14
10.World Map Themeby dB soundworks1:12
11.Meat Fighter IIby dB soundworks0:28
12.Dun Dun Dun!!!by dB soundworks0:06
13.Chapter 1 Menusby dB soundworks1:08
14.Meat Boy (Flash) Forestby dB soundworks1:44
15.The Tragic Squirrelby dB soundworks0:54
16.Wups!by dB soundworks0:06
17.Meatroidvaniaby dB soundworks0:06
18.Chapter 2 Menusby dB soundworks1:08
19.... And Potatoesby dB soundworks1:20
20.Chapter 2 Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks0:43
21.Chapter 3 Menusby dB soundworks1:08
22.Meat Boy (Flash) Salt Factoryby dB soundworks2:54
23.Chapter 3 Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks0:34
24.Chapter 4 Menusby dB soundworks1:08
25.Chapter 4 Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks0:29
26.Chapter 5 Menusby dB soundworks1:08
27.Meat Boy (Flash) Hellby dB soundworks3:24
28.It Ends With a Whimperby dB soundworks3:06
29.???by dB soundworks0:06
30.Chapter 5 Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks0:17
31.Chapter 6 Menusby dB soundworks1:34
32.Chapter 6 Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks0:40
33.The End Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks1:25
34.Cotton Alley Menusby dB soundworks1:08
35.4-Bit Meat Boy Themeby dB soundworks0:30
36.Internets Menusby dB soundworks0:51
37.4-Bit Internets Menusby dB soundworks0:51
38.8-Bit Internets Levelsby dB soundworks1:42
39.90's Ad Trackby dB soundworks1:18
40.World Map Theme (unused)by dB soundworks1:12
41.World Map Theme 2 (unused)by dB soundworks1:35
42.Character Select Theme (unused)by dB soundworks0:34
43.Character Select Theme 2 (unused)by dB soundworks1:19
44.Demo Cutscene Scoreby dB soundworks0:23
45.Dun Dun Dun? (Unused)by dB soundworks0:06