Suspense & Tension 1 by 1 Revolution Music
  • 86 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:52:49


1.Dark Thoughts Full1:32
2.Dark Thoughts Lps Bs1:19
3.Dark Thoughts No Keys1:32
4.Dark Thoughts No Str1:32
5.Broken Line Full1:08
6.Broken Line Keys Pads1:08
7.Broken Line No Keys1:08
8.Broken Line No Lps1:08
9.Broken Line No Pads1:08
10.Broken Line Prc Pads1:08
11.Electric Fence Full1:24
12.Electric Fence Lite 11:24
13.Electric Fence Lite 21:24
14.Electric Fence No Fx1:24
15.Electric Fence No Pads1:24
16.Electric Fence No Drm1:24
17.Electric Fence No Prc1:24
18.Electric Fence Drm Only1:24
19.Electric Fence Drm Bs1:24
20.Roll The Dice Full1:10
21.Roll The Dice Lite1:10
22.Roll The Dice No Pads1:10
23.Roll The Dice No Pno1:10
24.Roll The Dice No Str1:10
25.Roll The Dice No Str No Pno1:10
26.Roll The Dice Drm Bs1:10
27.On The Take Full1:10
28.On The Take Lite1:10
29.On The Take No Gtr1:10
30.On The Take No Keys1:10
31.On The Take No Prc1:10
32.On The Take No Str1:10
33.On The Take Prc Only1:00
34.Icy Full0:58
35.Unresolved Issues Full1:19
36.Unresolved Issues Drm Bs1:18
37.Unresolved Issues No Fx1:18
38.Unresolved Issues No Gtr1:19
39.Unresolved Issues No Keys1:19
40.Unresolved Issues No Orch1:19
41.Unresolved Issues No Drm1:19
42.Unresolved Issues No Str1:19
43.Beat The Odds Full1:25
44.Beat The Odds Lite1:25
45.Beat The Odds Orch Only1:25
46.Beat The Odds Orch Drm1:25
47.Beat The Odds No Orch1:25
48.Dead Or Alive Full1:03
49.Dead Or Alive No Lps1:03
50.Dead Or Alive No Syn1:03
51.Mounting Contention Drm Only1:26
52.Mounting Contention Full1:26
53.Mounting Contention Syn Only1:26
54.Impediment Full1:20
55.Impediment Keys Pads1:20
56.Impediment No Bs1:20
57.Impediment No Keys1:20
58.Impediment No Lps1:20
59.Impediment No Lps No Drm1:20
60.Impediment Drm Bs1:20
61.Collusion Full1:21
62.Collusion Gtr Bs Pads1:21
63.Collusion Keys Pads1:21
64.Collusion No Lps1:21
65.Collusion No Lps No Bs1:21
66.Collusion No Lps No Keys1:21
67.Collusion Prc Lps Bs1:21
68.Neighborhood Watch Full1:36
69.Neighborhood Watch Lps Only1:19
70.Neighborhood Watch No Pads1:27
71.Neighborhood Watch No Lps1:36
72.Neighborhood Watch No Str1:36
73.Gradual Escape Full1:22
74.Gradual Escape Lite1:22
75.Gradual Escape No Harp1:22
76.Gradual Escape No Pno1:22
77.Gradual Escape No Drm1:22
78.Gradual Escape No Str1:22
79.Gradual Escape No Syn1:22
80.Gradual Escape Drm Only1:22
81.Last Chance Full1:21
82.Last Chance Lite1:18
83.Last Chance No Fx1:21
84.Last Chance No Keys1:21
85.Last Chance No Drm1:21
86.Last Chance No Str1:21