Swanyard mp3 Album by Coil

Swanyardby Coil

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:18


Disk #1

2.Heaven's 98 Horror mst11:53
3.Siminon Master Backwards (Swanyard demo)6:29
4.Jhon's House Tune From GM Guide - Protection5:36
5.Spastiche (basic)6:47
6.AYOR Master (It's in My Blood)6:40
7.Original Amber Rain (demo)4:51

Disk #2

1.Wur CLK Wir 19932:05
2.Crumb Tune (master)6:01
3.The March of Time (extra version)8:57
4.Spastiche - The Night's Alive (master)5:34
5.Kusnir Jazz2:39
6.Heaven's Blade (John Balance vox demo)7:26
7.Wur CLK Wir 1998 mst vox18:38

Disk #3

1.The Test Early mst2:17
2.AYOR (extra version)4:30
3.Elves (master)6:35
4.Heaven's Blade (inst) 19938:26
5.Melotron Song (Amber Rain demo)2:51
6.March of More Time (master) 19936:28
7.Crumb Tune4:21
8.Simon (extra long)6:11
9.Egyptian Basses 19937:20