Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, Volume 33 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, Volume 33by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:09


1.Voodteby Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:08
2.How Deep Is the Ocean?by Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:25
3.Hawkins Barrel Houseby Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra2:58
4.Stumpyby Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:21
5.Lover Come Back to Meby Coleman Hawkins Quintet3:04
6.Blues Changesby Coleman Hawkins Quintet4:11
7.Crazy Rhythmby Coleman Hawkins' Swing Four3:16
8.Get Happyby Coleman Hawkins' Swing Four3:25
9.The Man I Loveby Coleman Hawkins' Swing Four5:09
10.Sweet Lorraineby Coleman Hawkins' Swing Four4:21
11.I Only Have Eyes for Youby Coleman Hawkins Quintet3:11
12.'S Wonderfulby Coleman Hawkins Quintet2:39
13.I'm in the Mood for Loveby Coleman Hawkins Quintet3:15
14.Bean at the Metby Coleman Hawkins Quintet3:04
15.Flame Throwerby Coleman Hawkins Quartet3:16
16.Imaginationby Coleman Hawkins Quartet2:49
17.Night and Dayby Coleman Hawkins Quartet3:21
18.Cattin' at Keynoteby Coleman Hawkins Quartet2:43
19.Pick Up Boysby Auld-Hawkins-Webster Sextet3:06
20.Porgyby Auld-Hawkins-Webster Sextet3:07
21.Uptown Lullabyby Auld-Hawkins-Webster Sextet3:22
22.Salt Peanutsby Auld-Hawkins-Webster Sextet2:58