Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, Volume 56 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, Volume 56by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:48


1.Handful of Keysby Fats Waller2:49
2.Numb Fumblin'by Fats Waller2:52
3.Ain't Misbehavin'by Fats Waller3:03
4.Sweet Savannah Sueby Fats Waller3:03
5.I've Got a Feeling I'm Fallingby Fats Waller2:51
6.Love Me or Leave Meby Fats Waller2:49
7.Love Me or Leave Meby Fats Waller2:41
8.Gladyseby Fats Waller2:56
9.Valentine Stompby Fats Waller3:15
10.Valentine Stompby Fats Waller3:24
11.Waiting at the End of the Roadby Fats Waller3:27
12.Baby, Oh! Where Can You Be?by Fats Waller3:19
13.Goin' Aboutby Fats Waller3:18
14.Goin' Aboutby Fats Waller3:13
15.My Feelin's Are Hurtby Fats Waller3:06
16.Smashin' Thirdsby Fats Waller3:08
17.My Fate Is in Your Handby Fats Waller2:43
18.Turn on the Heatby Fats Waller2:27
19.St Louis Bluesby Fats Waller & Bennie Paine3:05
20.After You've Goneby Fats Waller & Bennie Paine3:28
21.African Ripplesby Fats Waller3:10
22.Clothes Linen Balletby Fats Waller2:59
23.Alligator Crawlby Fats Waller2:42
24.Viper's Dragby Fats Waller3:00