Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, Volume 77 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, Volume 77by Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:06


1.Blue Lesterby Lester Young Quintet3:23
2.Ghost of a Chanceby Lester Young Quintet3:22
3.Indianaby Lester Young Quintet2:58
4.Jump Lester, Jumpby Lester Young Quintet3:21
5.Midnight Symphonyby Jammin' The Blues3:02
6.On the Sunny Side of the Streetby Jammin' The Blues3:14
7.Sweet Georgia Brownby Jammin' The Blues5:15
8.If I Could Be With Youby Jammin' The Blues2:12
9.Blues for Marvinby Jammin' The Blues4:49
10.Jammin' the Bluesby Jammin' The Blues4:11
11.Jammin' the Bluesby Jammin' The Blues4:55
12.D.B. Bluesby Lester Young and His Band3:00
13.Lester Blows Againby Lester Young and His Band2:30
14.These Foolish Thingsby Lester Young and His Band3:11
15.Jumpin' at Mesnersby Lester Young and His Band2:45
16.Riffin' Without Helenby Helen Humes & Her All-Stars3:12
17.Please Let Me Forgetby Helen Humes & Her All-Stars3:08
18.He Don't Love Me Anymoreby Helen Humes & Her All-Stars2:50
19.Pleasin' Man Bluesby Helen Humes & Her All-Stars3:05
20.See See Riderby Helen Humes & Her All-Stars2:48
21.It's Better to Give Than to Receiveby Helen Humes & Her All-Stars2:55