Tango in the Night (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Fleetwood Mac

Tango in the Night (Deluxe Edition)by Fleetwood Mac

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:58:37


1.Big Love3:44
2.Seven Wonders3:42
5.Tango in the Night4:03
7.Little Lies3:41
8.Family Man4:07
9.Welcome to the Room... Sara3:42
10.Isn't It Midnight4:14
11.When I See You Again3:49
12.You and I, Pt. II2:40
13.Down Endless Street4:29
14.Special Kind of Love (demo)2:53
15.Seven Wonders (early version)4:34
16.Tango in the Night (demo)4:42
17.Mystified (alternate version)3:28
18.Book of Miracles (instrumental)4:32
19.Where We Belong (demo)2:53
21.Juliet (run-through)5:04
22.Isn't It Midnight (alternate mix)3:39
23.Ooh My Love (demo)3:51
24.Mystified (instrumental demo)3:18
25.You and I, Part I & II (full version)6:28
26.Big Love (extended remix)6:43
27.Big Love (House on the Hill dub)3:01
28.Big Love (piano dub)6:37
29.Big Love (remix/edit)3:41
30.Seven Wonders (extended version)6:26
31.Seven Wonders (dub)4:34
32.Little Lies (extended version)6:16
33.Little Lies (dub)4:14
34.Family Man (extended vocal remix)8:31
35.Family Man (I'm a Jazz Man dub)8:52
36.Family Man (extended guitar version)6:28
37.Family Man (bonus beats)4:38
38.Everywhere (12" version)5:50
39.Everywhere (dub)3:55