Tantrance 3: A Trip to Psychedelic Trance mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Tantrance 3: A Trip to Psychedelic Tranceby Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:58


Disk #1

1.Trommelmaschine (Voodoo remix)by Der Dritte Raum7:08
2.Narcotic Influence IIby Empirion5:55
3.The Furnaceby Total Eclipse9:01
4.Satellite (Journey Into the Sun remix)by The Moon & the Sun7:55
5.Astral Voyageby Electric Universe5:45
6.Sundown (Ionizer Remix '96)by The Overlords9:22
7.Hear the Airby Brainman6:47
8.Kicking Testby The Antidote5:48
9.Kageby Ree.K6:56
10.Nobodyby Psyko Disko8:14
11.Alien Love Song (Out There Somewhere mix)by Astralasia3:31

Disk #2

1.The Second Room (A-Trip)by X-Dream9:10
2.Slick Witchby Slinky Wizard9:54
3.Overloadby MFG9:22
4.Soothsayer (The Lysurgeon Warning remix)by Hallucinogen7:10
5.Pileby Semsis6:12
6.Back to Earthby Satori7:32
7.Freakshowby Cydonia7:29
8.Celtic Alchemy (Nothing Is True mix)by Spectral6:25
9.Jana (Dragonfly mix)by Killing Joke6:47
10.Mr. Redeemer (Elysium remix)by Zodiac Youth7:35

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