Teardrops On My Guitar mp3 Single by Taylor Swift

Teardrops On My Guitarby Taylor Swift

  • 5 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 16:19


1.Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Remix)3:01
2.Teardrops On My Guitar (Radio Remix)3:27
3.Teardrops On My Guitar3:36
4.Our Song (Pop Mix)3:21
5.Picture To Burn (Radio Mix)2:54
Tayor swift is a fantastic artist who much of her writting is her own. She has a strong appeal to a younger crowd, but I am in my 30's and I also love her songs. They take me back to my younger years. "Just another picture to Burn" is a strong memory of that first love, when things go wrong, and you just want to burn every memory of it. "teardrops on my guitar" also takes you back with its lyrics to the time when you had a crush on somone in school, who was in love with someone else. Seems that someone else had everything you wanted. The lyrics of "Our Song" go a differnet direction in that she takes you to when you were very much in love, talking on the phone late at night, and enjoying that every second of your life and times with that special first love of your life. Great single taylor!