The 5th Wave (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Henry Jackman

The 5th Wave (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Henry Jackman

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:28


1.Prologueby Henry Jackman1:59
2.Tsunamiby Henry Jackman2:36
3.Aftermathby Henry Jackman2:41
4.Wright Pattersonby Henry Jackman1:15
5.The Othersby Henry Jackman1:55
6.One Degree of Separationby Henry Jackman1:47
7.Reznikby Henry Jackman2:32
8.Cassieby Henry Jackman2:04
9.In the Sightsby Henry Jackman2:10
10.A Call to Armsby Henry Jackman2:13
11.Evanby Henry Jackman2:54
12.Daytonby Henry Jackman2:33
13.5th Waveby Henry Jackman1:31
14.Under Fireby Henry Jackman1:29
15.Flashbackby Henry Jackman2:51
16.Extinctionby Henry Jackman1:42
17.Finding Samby Henry Jackman3:05
18.Getawayby Henry Jackman2:13
19.Epilogueby Henry Jackman3:07
20.Humanityby Henry Jackman3:57
21.Voschby Henry Jackman6:10
22.Ringerby Henry Jackman0:44