The Ace Blues Masters, Vol. 3: Tuff Enuff mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ace Blues Masters, Vol. 3: Tuff Enuffby Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:14


1.Looped (and Orchestra)by Joe Dyson2:21
2.I Got The Blues For You (Take 4) (and Orchestra)by Al Collins2:28
3.Shuckin' Stuff (Take 1) (and Orchestra)by Al Collins2:50
4.I Know I'll Dieby Kenzie Moore2:30
5.I Can't Forget You Baby (Take 1)by Junior Blackmon2:38
6.Down South (Take 1)by Junior Blackmon2:17
7.Baby Say You Willby Jesse Allen2:23
8.Goodbye Bluesby Jesse Allen3:14
9.Beautiful, Beautiful Loveby Schoolboy Cleve3:02
10.My Baby Done Goneby Schoolboy Cleve2:16
11.Bad Feeling Bluesby Lightnin' Slim2:59
12.Lighnin' Slim Boogieby Lightnin' Slim2:35
13.Sleeping In The Groundby Sam Myers2:35
14.My Love Is Here To Stayby Sam Myers2:30
15.The Way You Been Treating Meby Buddy Guy3:11
16.Baby Don't You Wanna Come Homeby Buddy Guy2:34
17.Sittin' Here Worryin'by Little Cameron2:36
18.You Got The Wrong King Of Lifeby Little Cameron2:23
19.Annie Maeby Little Cameron2:46
20.Don't You Say A Mumblin' Wordby Guitar Reed3:14
21.Rockin' Bluesby Guitar Reed2:51
22.Mean Mistreaterby Frankie Fair2:25
23.Steadyby Jerry "Boogie" McCain2:09
24.She's Toughby Jerry "Boogie" McCain2:27