The Andrew Wood Story mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Andrew Wood Storyby Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:08:41


Disk #1

1.Enter Landrewby Malfunkshun2:50
2.My Only Fanby Malfunkshun4:23
3.Mr Liberty (with morals)by Malfunkshun3:25
4.Jezebel Womanby Malfunkshun4:31
5.Shotgun Weddingby Malfunkshun4:17
6.Wang Dang Sweet Poontangby Malfunkshun3:19
7.Until The Oceanby Malfunkshun2:54
8.I Wanna Be Yo' Daddyby Malfunkshun4:56
9.Winter Bitesby Malfunkshun7:38
10.Make Sweet Loveby Malfunkshun4:16
11.Regionby Malfunkshun0:50
12.Luxury Bed (The Rocketship Chair)by Malfunkshun4:58
13.Exit Landrewby Malfunkshun1:55
14.With Yo' Heart (Not Yo' Hands)by Malfunkshun3:52
15.Stars-N-Youby Malfunkshun1:44
36.With Yo' Heart (Not Yo' Hands) (Live)by Malfunkshun6:36

Disk #2

1.Landrew (Intro)by Andrew Wood0:24
2.To Praise Its Nameby Andrew Wood3:30
3.Landrew (Back From Olympus)by Andrew Wood0:21
4.My Starby Andrew Wood4:14
5.Andy (About Stone)by Andrew Wood0:21
6.Dream Come Trueby Andrew Wood2:51
7.Straight Lacedby Andrew Wood2:52
8.Landrew (Reminiscing)by Andrew Wood0:27
9.Forever On Stageby Andrew Wood1:59
10.Sweet Sebastianby Andrew Wood2:52
11.Landrew (Interview On KRAB)by Andrew Wood0:49
12.Makes Me Feel Like Heavenby Andrew Wood3:44
13.If I Was In Charge Of The Worldby Andrew Wood3:14
14.Landrew (Flash Station ID)by Andrew Wood0:19
15.Justa Blue Eyedby Andrew Wood2:50
16.Landrew (About Movie)by Andrew Wood0:23
17.Drop Your Bombby Andrew Wood5:42
18.Landrew (Floundersome Interview)by Andrew Wood1:28
19.Question Of Willby Andrew Wood4:17
20.This Timeby Andrew Wood2:26
21.Landrew (About Piano)by Andrew Wood0:31
22.Until The Ocean (Instrumental)by Andrew Wood2:14
23.Evening At The RHby Andrew Wood1:58
24.Landrew (KCMU Interview)by Andrew Wood0:57
25.Cool Marmaladeby Andrew Wood2:43
26.Landrew (KFA Station ID)by Andrew Wood0:18
27.Paper Buy You Nothinby Andrew Wood3:39
28.Landrew (Signing Off)by Andrew Wood0:23
29.Lord I Seeby Andrew Wood2:19
30.Living With Andy (KISW Radio Interview)by Chris Cornell0:22
31.Island Of Summerby Chris Cornell5:50