The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Heitor Pereira

The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Heitor Pereira

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:30


1.Morning Commuteby Heitor Pereira1:12
2.Bird Scoutsby Heitor Pereira0:30
3.A Truceby Heitor Pereira2:09
4.Fun Thingsby Heitor Pereira0:40
5.Washed Awayby Heitor Pereira1:28
6.Pigs Investigateby Heitor Pereira0:40
7.Can't Do This Anymoreby Heitor Pereira0:44
8.Compatibility Testby Heitor Pereira1:18
9.An Unexpected Guestby Heitor Pereira2:18
10.The Explosives Expertby Heitor Pereira1:40
11.That's My Sisterby Heitor Pereira0:25
12.The Brainiacby Heitor Pereira2:20
13.Hatchlings at Seaby Heitor Pereira0:42
14.Special Forces Meetingby Heitor Pereira2:18
15.Emergency Exitby Heitor Pereira3:18
16.That's Not Possibleby Heitor Pereira0:43
17.We Need Youby Heitor Pereira0:48
18.Submarineby Heitor Pereira0:57
19.Operaby Heitor Pereira0:48
20.Gary's Gadgetryby Heitor Pereira3:28
21.Hatchlings in Spaceby Heitor Pereira1:48
22.A Few Complicationsby Heitor Pereira1:28
23.Mighty Eagle's Mistakeby Heitor Pereira0:36
24.It's Not Going to Workby Heitor Pereira1:08
25.Break Into the Super Weaponby Heitor Pereira1:44
26.Get That Cardby Heitor Pereira1:12
27.Wrong Islandby Heitor Pereira0:30
28.Zeta's Revengeby Heitor Pereira2:01
29.Island Evacuationby Heitor Pereira1:40
30.Not a Hero Anymoreby Heitor Pereira1:09
31.Silver's Planby Heitor Pereira6:49
32.Up to Speedby Heitor Pereira3:02
33.It Didn't Workby Heitor Pereira3:58
34.We Did Itby Heitor Pereira1:43
35.Red's Speechby Heitor Pereira2:59
36.Egg Exchangeby Heitor Pereira2:17
37.Silver Suite (and Rachel Bloom)by Heitor Pereira1:36
38.Zeta Suiteby Heitor Pereira3:20
39.Hatchling Suiteby Heitor Pereira2:04