The Argo, Verve And Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions mp3 Artist Compilation by Oliver Nelson

The Argo, Verve And Impulse Big Band Studio Sessionsby Oliver Nelson

  • 90 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:41:18


Disk #1

1.Full Nelson2:48
3.Miss Fine4:12
6.Back Woods3:33
7.Lila's Theme3:56
8.Ballad For Benny2:37
9.Hoe Down2:51
10.Paris Blues2:57
11.What Kind Of Fool Am I3:51
12.You Love But Once4:32
13.Hobo Flats4:12
14.Post No Bills5:29
15.A Bientot3:46
16.Three Plus One3:24
17.Take Me With You5:27
18.Daylie's Double4:00
19.Teenie's Blues4:07
20.Laz-ie Kate4:01

Disk #2

1.St. Louis Blues6:11
2.I Remember Bird6:28
3.Ricardo's Dilemma2:34
4.Patterns For Orchestra3:14
5.The Sidewalks Of New York (aka East Side, West Side)6:31
7.John Brown's Blues3:22
8.Twelve Tone Blues3:07
9.A Typical Day In New York4:46
10.The East Side / The West Side4:13
11.125th And Seventh Ave.6:39
12.A Penthouse Dawn3:10
13.One For Duke5:27
14.Complex City8:10
15.Roll 'Em4:08
16.For Dancers Only3:44
17.Sophisticated Swing2:52
18.Sometimes I'm Happy3:54
19.Lined With A Groove5:32
20.Lazy Theme4:52
21.Now Hear My Meaning5:14
22.In A Crowd6:03
23.Sound Piece For Jazz Orchestra9:44
24.Flute Salad2:49
25.The Lady From Girl Talk4:59

Disk #3

1.Let The Word Go Forth6:17
2.A Genuine Peace2:38
3.The Rights Of All3:58
5.The Artists' Rightful Place3:30
7.Day In Dallas3:40
8.John Kennedy Memory Waltz3:23
9.Love Is Just Around The Corner2:50
10.This Is It2:19
11.Memories Of You3:13
12.Pee Wee's Blues3:52
13.The Shadow Of Your Smile2:29
15.A Good Man Is Hard To Find2:55
17.I'm Coming Virginia4:20
18.Six And Four3:39

Disk #4

1.Walk On The Wild Side5:56
2.Ol' Man River3:57
3.In A Mellow Tone4:25
4.Step Right Up4:14
5.Hobo Flats4:47
6.Blueberry Hill4:57
7.Walk Right In3:32
8.Trouble In Mind4:24
9.The Preacher6:16
11.I Can't Stop Loving You4:30
12.Slaughter On Tenth Avenue7:08
13.Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolff, part one4:29
14.Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolff, part two5:00

Disk #5

1.The Bird / The Duck / The Cat / The Grandfather / The Wolf / The Hunter / Peter4:11
2.Duck Theme / Jimmy And The Duck / Peter's Theme / Meal Time9:40
3.Elegy For A Duck7:18
4.Cat In A Tree5:23
5.Capture Of The Wolf1:16
6.Finale: Parade / Peter Plays Some Blues4:49
7.One Mint Julep5:30
8.Blues And The Abstract Truth5:27
9.Down By The Riverside10:02
10.Night Train6:49
11.13 (Death March)5:22
13.'Round Midnight7:20