The Battle For 2012 mp3 Album by Krohme

The Battle For 2012by Krohme

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:11


1.The Swan Song1:42
2.Dark Water3:26
3.Knock 'Em Out (War Torn Soldiers Edition)3:05
4.1 Time 4 Ya Mind3:08
5.Ride or Die3:34
6.The Immortals3:38
7.Kill Humanati (Sweets to the Sweet Edition)3:32
8.Omega Men or How I Learned to Hate This World2:49
9.Time (The Battle for 2012)3:22
10.Circle of Lies (Eye of Providence Edition)5:39
11.Seyelintz or Veyelintz2:33
12.The Living Soul4:29
13.Signs of a Prophecy Emerging As the Truth4:07
14.The Next Chapter (Original VIsion Edition)1:50
15.The Immortals (Underground United Edition)3:17