The Becoming Of The Disciple mp3 Artist Compilation by Shabazz The Disciple

The Becoming Of The Discipleby Shabazz The Disciple

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:20:13


1.Diary Of A Madman (Gravediggaz)2:51
2.Death Be The Penalty3:45
3.Crime Saga4:11
4.5 Arch Angelz Feat. Sunz Of Man5:39
5.Wrath Of The Lamb Feat. B9 And RZA (Exclusive)5:02
6.Graveyard Chamber (Gravediggaz)3:20
7.Concious Of Sin Remix Feat. Killah Priest4:22
8.Scattered People Feat. Dead Prez (Exclusive)3:08
9.Party Wit A Tec4:01
10.I'm Breathing For You (Remix)4:47
11.Thy Enemies (Exclusive)4:18
12.Dem Brooklyn Niggaz (Remix)4:32
13.Heist (Remix)5:12
14.A Souljah'z Prayer (Exclusive)4:06
15.Big Daddy Anthem Feat. Natruel, Mr. Eon, El Fudge, Wicked Will6:21
16.Ready You're Not Feat. Papoose, Freestyle, Ma Barker, Omen9994:47
17.Oasis (International Remix) Feat. Massive Tone, Afrob, Shurik'N, Skills En Masse5:30
18.Universal Souljahz (From BK To Marseille) Feat. Shurik'N4:21