The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life mp3 Live by Frank Zappa

The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Lifeby Frank Zappa

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:11:33


Disk #1

1.Heavy Duty Judy6:05
2.Ring of Fire2:01
3.Cosmik Debris4:32
4.Find Her Finer2:42
5.Who Needs the Peace Corps?2:40
6.I Left My Heart in San Francisco0:37
7.Zomby Woof5:42
9.Zoot Allures7:07
10.Mr. Green Genes3:41
11.Florentine Pogen7:12
13.Inca Roads8:20
14.Sofa #12:50

Disk #2

1.Purple Haze2:28
2.Sunshine of Your Love2:31
3.Let's Move to Cleveland5:52
4.When Irish Eyes Are Smiling0:47
5."Godfather Part II" Theme0:30
6.A Few Moments With Brother A. West4:01
7.The Torture Never Stops, Part One5:20
8.Theme From "Bonanza"0:29
9.Lonesome Cowboy Burt (Swaggart version)4:54
10.The Torture Never Stops, Part Two10:48
11.More Trouble Every Day (Swaggart version)5:29
12.Penguin in Bondage (Swaggart version)5:05
13.The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue9:19
14.Stairway to Heaven9:20