The Best of Burning Spear: Marcus Garvey mp3 Artist Compilation by Burning Spear

The Best of Burning Spear: Marcus Garveyby Burning Spear

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:38


1.Marcus Garvey3:23
2.Man in the Hills3:55
3.Dry & Heavy3:28
5.Marcus Say Jah No Dead3:57
6.The Invasion3:12
7.Black Wa-Da-Da (The Invasion dub)3:51
8.Door Peep2:38
9.Civilised Reggae5:52
10.Old Marcus Garvey4:05
11.The Sun3:42
12.Social Living7:53
13.No More War3:22
14.Throw Down Your Arms4:00
15.Slavery Days3:25
16.I and I Survive (a.k.a. Slavery Days dub)3:53
18.Nayah Keith4:04
19.Mek We Dweet4:21
20.Jah Kingdom4:00