The Best Of Disco Demands: A Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best Of Disco Demands: A Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Musicby Various Artists

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:37:55


Disk #1

1.Giving It All To You (Re-Edit)by Cheryl Berdell6:11
2.Why In The World Do They Keep On (Funk'in With Me) (Re-Edit)by Executive Suite5:46
3.Cumbaya Disco (Re-Edit)by Disco Warriors5:48
4.Suntan (Re-Edit)by The Sandpebbles Of Barbados4:59
5.Dr Dunk (Ballad Of Dr J) (Re-Edit)by The Fans4:45
6.Let's Go Disco (Re-Edit)by Tc & Company6:12
7.Dog It (Re-Edit)by Chocolate + Joy6:41
8.Disco Socks (Re-Edit)by Omni4:44
9.How Can I Tell Her (Re-Edit)by Curtis8:34

Disk #2

1.Just Friendsby Silver, Platinum & Gold4:46
2.Funkathone (Re-Edit)by The Peoples' Workshop5:19
3.Take The Music To The Party (Re-Edit)by Chocolate City Connection6:36
4.Disco Boogie Woman (Re-Edit)by Universal Robot Band6:32
5.The Sound Of Disco Rock (Re-Edit)by Stringfield Family5:18
6.Everybody Party (Get Down) (Re-Edit)by The Firebolts7:24
7.Theme From Livin' Proof (Re-Edit)by Livin' Proof7:26
8.(You Got Me) In The Mood (Re-Edit)by Puff7:04
9.Wave (Re-Edit)by Cordial7:42

Disk #3

1.Fiddlin' Aroundby Don Renaldo Strings2:37
2.To Be With You (Re-Edit)by Jimmy Sabater7:16
3.Party People (Re-Edit)by Crosstown Traffic7:27
4.Hail To Guyana (Re-Edit)by Alex And His Soul Messengers7:12
5.Gold Connection (Re-Edit)by Harold Butler & The Connection6:02
6.Dance, Dance, Dance To The Music (Y'all) (Re-Edit)by Ike Noble6:04
7.The Disco Stomp (Re-Edit)by The Legal Defense4:26
8.Sweet Jazz Music (Re-Edit)by Panach7:33
9.Get Readyby Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion6:16

Disk #4

1.I've Been Searching (Re-Edit)by Arts & Craft7:37
2.Dancing Free (Re-Edit)by Hot Ice7:02
3.Dancin' (Re-Edit)by Volstarr4:11
4.Party Together (Re-Edit)by Superbs6:48
5.The Rock Is Gonna Get You (Re-Edit)by Gordon's War6:04
6.Bahia (Also Sprach Zarathustra) (Re-Edit)by Alice Street Gang5:47
7.Hey Mister (Re-Edit)by Althea Forest & Togetherness5:53
8.Give It Up (Re-Edit)by Mirror4:59
9.Disco Joint (Re-Edit)by The Live Experience6:11

Disk #5

1.Strung Outby Bobby Sanders & Magic3:50
2.I Got It (Re-Edit)by The Good Life Ltd8:00
3.Doing Our Own Thang (Re-Edit)by Al Tanner6:34
4.Fear (Re-Edit)by Arthur King7:06
5.We've Got It (Re-Edit)by Sylvano Santorio7:24
6.Party Party (Re-Edit)by Mr Q5:29
7.You Got Over On Me (Re-Edit)by Power Of Attorney2:54
8.Love Is All Around Feat. La Rom Baker (Re-Edit)by Sizzle8:48
9.Back In Timeby Brooklyn Express6:38