The Best Of Euromach 2001 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best Of Euromach 2001by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:24:45


Disk #1

1.Super Euro Flashby Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl4:05
2.Don't Goby Ace2:56
3.Rocket Manby Fastway2:20
4.Flying Around the Worldby Bazooka Girl2:26
5.Solid Goldby Dusty2:59
6.Spirit of the Nightby Nick Mansell2:42
7.Tropical Carnivalby Fun Cool2:21
8.I Need Somebody to Loveby Louise3:12
9.My Name Is Goofy (feat. Goofy DJ)by Kiki & Fancy2:57
10.Sleep in Your Armsby Valentina3:12
11.Little Crazy Babyby Norma Sheffield2:47
12.Too Many Lovers Night and Dayby Jinko Sbilenko3:01
13.Think of Youby Lolita3:11
14.Till the End of Timeby Christine2:32
15.Help Meby Delta Queens2:32
16.Happy Happyby Leila2:22
17.A Little Goodbyeby Susan Bell2:32
18.Queen of the Nightby Giorgia Barrows2:25
19.Take My Timeby High Level3:15
20.Future Boyby Beat Man2:13
21.All Right Nipponby Jimmy Bravo3:31
22.Love Trainby Susan Key2:45
23.Open Your Eyesby Ace3:03
24.Take My Breath Awayby Ace3:11
25.Johnny Goby Volta & Gabbana3:38

Disk #2

1.Money Go Roundby Fastway3:43
2.Stop Lookin' Backby Nick Mansell3:07
3.Soakerby Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl2:45
4.Everybody Goby Joe D. Toaster2:58
5.Mister Robinsonby Bazooka Girl2:40
6.Colors of My Loveby Baby Gold2:35
7.Don't Get Awayby Dolly Pop2:48
8.Crazy Generationby Christine3:00
9.Around the Universeby Vanilla2:21
10.White Is for You Black Is for Meby Claudia Vip3:17
11.Take Me Up and Higherby Lou-Lou Marina2:43
12.Celebration Timeby Doki Doki2:30
13.Hey, You!by Lucya2:35
14.Highway Starby Mike West2:36
15.Love Gunby Mr. M2:59
16.Samuraiby Jimmy Bravo3:15
17.X-Man Storyby Jackie 'O2:51
18.Everybody Danceby Lolita2:24
19.I Want Your Kiss Boyby Go Go Girls3:11
20.People Come On!by Eurobeat Girls2:30
21.Fameby Ace Warrior3:03
22.Bang Bang Bangby Joe Banana2:40
23.Franz Tornadoby Mad Cow3:28
24.1 2 3 4 Fireby Fastway2:56
25.777by Fastway3:42