The Best of Loma Records: Rise and Fall of a 1960's Soul Label mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best of Loma Records: Rise and Fall of a 1960's Soul Labelby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:18:52


Disk #1

1.Finger Poppin'by Ike & Tina Turner2:49
2.I'm the Lover Manby Little Jerry Williams2:36
3.A Fool for a Foolby Ike & Tina Turner2:37
4.I Wanna Thank Youby The Enchanters2:55
5.Heart Full of Loveby The Invincibles2:04
6.Tell Her I'm Not Homeby Ike & Tina Turner3:54
7.Rainin' in My Heartby The Olympics2:14
8.I Want to Be Lovedby The Enchanters3:28
9.I Paid For The Partyby The Enchanters2:50
10.Good Lovin'by The Olympics2:31
11.(I'll Do Anything) Just to Be with Youby Ike & Tina Turner2:44
12.Somebody (Somewhere) Needs Youby Ike & Tina Turner2:35
13.Your Search is Overby Walter Foster2:21
14.There s Something On Your Mind (part 1)by Baby Lloyd2:21
15.Soul Jerk (Parts 1 & 2)by Bobby Bennett4:55
16.Lock Me in Your Heartby The Apollas2:07
17.Something's Burnin'by The Marvellos2:44
18.You're Absolutely Rightby The Apollas2:20
19.We Go Togetherby The Marvellos2:22
20.Can't Winby The Invincibles2:17
21.Don't Come A-Knockin'by Mary Lee Whitney3:15
22.Why Do You Want to Hurt the One that Loves Youby The Marvellos2:35
23.You're Such a Sweet Thingby The Marvellos2:28
24.I Couldn't Stand Itby The Invincibles2:19
25.Stay With Meby Lorraine Ellison3:29

Disk #2

1.But It's Alrightby J.J. Jackson2:52
2.Don't Hold on to Someone (Who Don't Love You)by Lukas Lollipop2:23
3.If I Told You Once (I Told You a Million Times)by Ben Aiken3:00
4.We Need to Be Lovedby Teen Turbans2:13
5.Ain't That Terribleby Roy Redmond2:32
6.A Change Is Gonna Comeby Roy Redmond3:40
7.Hypnotizedby Linda Jones2:41
8.Don't Play with My Heartby The Marvellos3:12
9.God Bless My Girl (But Don't Forget About Me)by Ben Aiken2:45
10.Heart Be Stillby Lorraine Ellison3:37
11.You Don't Know Nothing About Loveby Carl Hall3:15
12.That Old Time Feelingby Roy Redmond2:38
13.I Can't Stand Itby Linda Jones2:21
14.Who Would Want Me Nowby The Apollas2:53
15.What Have I Done (To Make You Mad)by Linda Jones2:18
16.Good Day Sunshineby Roy Redmond2:41
17.Give My Love a Tryby Linda Jones2:32
18.Down, But Not Outby J.J. Jackson3:02
19.Somebody in the World for Youby The Mighty Hannibal2:53
20.Roll with the Punchesby Lonnie Youngblood2:24
21.Get in the Grooveby The Mighty Hannibal2:26
22.If That Guy Walks out of My Lifeby The Three Degrees2:41
23.Too Lateby J.J. Jackson2:56
24.Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)by Lorraine Ellison3:03
25.What Can I Do (Without You)by Linda Jones3:04

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