The Best of the Dualtone Years mp3 Artist Compilation by Guy Clark

The Best of the Dualtone Yearsby Guy Clark

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:30


Disk #1

1.Rain in Durango4:46
2.Hemingway's Whiskey2:54
3.My Favorite Picture of You3:32
4.The Cape (live)3:57
5.If I Needed You3:02
6.Maybe I Can Paint Over That3:56
7.The Guitar4:03
8.L.A. Freeway (live)7:06
9.Out in the Parkin' Lot4:52
10.The Randall Knife (live)4:30

Disk #2

2.Homegrown Tomatoes (live)4:48
3.Cornmeal Waltz5:39
4.El Coyote3:52
5.Tornado Time in Texas3:27
6.Dublin Blues (live)4:52
7.Just to Watch Maria Dance (Unreleased demo)2:16
8.The Last Hobo (Unreleased demo)3:16
9.Time (Unreleased demo)3:33