The Best of the Island Years mp3 Artist Compilation by John Martyn

The Best of the Island Yearsby John Martyn

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:50:37


Disk #1

1.Go Easy (take 2)4:36
2.Bless the Weather4:53
3.Just Now3:39
4.Head and Heart5:01
5.Glistening Glyndebourne7:48
6.May You Never4:20
7.Head and Heart3:59
8.I'd Rather Be the Devil7:52
9.Solid Air (take 3)4:32
10.Over the Hill3:19
11.I'd Rather Be the Devil (Devil Got My Woman) (take 3)6:05
12.Go Down Easy (take 3)5:13
13.Dreams by the Sea (take 2)3:24
14.May You Never (take 2)3:48
15.Fine Lines Take 2)3:55

Disk #2

1.The Glory Of Love (Alternate Take #1)2:41
2.Make No Mistake (Instrumental)6:47
3.Sunday's Child (Alternate Take)6:33
4.Spencer The Rover (BBC Concert / London / 1977)3:55
5.Eight More Miles (Alternate Take)2:46
6.Outside In (Live At Leeds / 1975 / Alternate Take)18:57
7.Solid Air (Live At Leeds / 1975 / Alternate Take)7:12
8.The Man In The Station (Leeds / 1975 / Alternate Take)2:44
9.Dealer (Alternate Take)5:18
10.One World (Alternate Take #2)4:21
11.Smiling Stranger (Alternate Take #2)3:37
12.Certain Surprise (Alternate Take #2)4:01

Disk #3

1.Couldn't Love You More (Alternate Take)3:16
2.Big Muff (Alternate Take #1)7:13
3.Dancing (Alternate Take#2)3:56
4.Small Hours (Alternate Take)9:52
5.Black Man At Your Shoulder (Alternate Take)8:32
6.Some People Are Crazy (Alternate Take #1)4:14
7.Grace And Danger (Alternate Take)7:39
8.Johnny Too Bad (Alternate Take 2)7:20
9.High-Heel Sneakers3:19
10.Running Up The Harbour (Alternate Take)4:40
11.Sweet Little Mystery (BBC TV / London / 1981)5:00
12.Our Love (Alternate Take)5:56
13.After Tomorrow Night (Alternate Take 1)4:37

Disk #4

1.Sapphire (Andy Lyden Mix)4:50
2.Over The Rainbow (Andy Lyden Mix)3:49
3.Fisherman's Dream (Andy Lyden Mix)4:35
4.Mad Dog Days (Andy Lyden Mix)5:23
5.Love In Your Life (Andy Lyden Mix)3:28
6.Solid Air (Glastonbury Festival, UK / 1986)5:44
7.Bless The Weather (Glastonbury Festival, UK / 1986)4:12
8.Lonely Love (Alternate Take #1)3:24
9.Angeline (Alternate Take #1)5:05
10.Piece By Piece (Alternate Take #1)4:00
11.The River (The Apprentice Version)4:19
12.Send Me One Line5:14
13.The Apprentice4:18
15.Patterns In The Rain3:28
16.John Wayne (Live At The London Palladium / 1986)8:04