The Best of Thunderdome mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best of Thunderdomeby Various Artists

  • 82 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:27:55


Disk #1

1.Is Diesen Bassdrum Korrecktby DJ Rob & Smash3:59
2.Hey!by Tony Salmonelli3:57
3.The Thunderthemeby 50% of the Dreamteam3:36
4.El Punto Finalby Final Analyzis4:27
5.Brainwashkiller (Killermix)by T.N.T.4:32
6.Hardcoreby 3 Steps Ahead3:48
7.Silke (The Speedfreak remix)by Ilsa Gold4:20
8.Go Get Busy (Hardcore edit)by DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim4:10
9.Fuck Themby Human Resource4:09
10.Addicted II Raves (Buzz Fuzz remix)by Duo Pennoti4:06
11.Achtung!by T.O.P.D.R.O.P.4:28
12.Soushkinby Dream Your Dream4:24
13.Eqazion, Part 4by Q-Tex3:44
14.Something Bigger (Here We Go Again remix)by DJ Dano3:56
15.Right Is Wrongby Jean Sibart & Joel Trambel3:50
16.Pessa Pessaby Masoko Solo4:04
17.The Necronomiconby Mutoïd3:34
18.Nonshlen Tukstokken (Ode to Vortex)by Riot Squad4:01
19.Fuckin Hostile (remix by Disintegrator)by Fuckin Hostile4:13

Disk #2

1.Big Boys Don't Cryby The Prophet4:13
2.3 the Hardwayby The Dreamteam4:04
3.The Blood of an English Muffinby English Muffin4:15
4.Rock Steadyby The Prophet4:15
5.Fuck Yours Off (Breakbeat Evolution)by Da Beatblower4:56
6.El Gallinero (Alexis remix by DJ Mental Theo & DJ Charly Lownoise)by Ramirez4:20
7.Bonzai Channel Oneby Thunderball3:52
8.Upby Ilsa Gold5:09
9.Punanny (The Prophet remix)by Section-84:10
10.Dominatinby The Prophet4:00
11.This Is the Thunderdomeby 3 Steps Ahead3:50
12.So Get Upby Public Domain3:55
13.For You Marleneby Rexanthony4:17
14.Feel the Rhythmby Dr. Phil Omanski4:38
15.Where I'm From (and Guitar Rob)by DJ Delirium4:18
16.Hype the Funkby Queens Boro Crew3:44
17.Drop the Pressureby Buzz Fuzz3:30
18.Feeling (UK mix)by Dr. Phil Omanski3:21
19.Alright Now Here We Go (Rob Gee remix)by The Prophet3:09

Disk #3

1.Intro - Welcome Beyond Thunderdomeby DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim & The Radical Master DC0:57
2.Boneheadby Hard Attack1:48 DJ Hooligan1:12
4.Motherfuckin' Breakbeatby Hardliners1:23
5.Fascinationby Citrus1:23
6.Kingdomby Undercover Anarchist1:11
7.Jump Off the Fucking Roofby The Carpenter0:59
8.XTC Loveby Bertocucci Feranzano1:49
9.Bad Creationsby Unsatisfied Evil II1:30
10.Live at Londonby Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo0:56
11.100% Crisisby Brothers in Crime0:48
12.Pump That Stupid Bassby DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim0:56
13.Drum & Baszby DJ Tails & Noizer1:18
14.Deep in the Undergroundby Lock Jaw1:06
15.Go Get Busyby DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim1:05
16.Hey!by Tony Salmonelli1:27
17.Going Crazyby Rave Nation1:05
18.Lift Me Upby Critical Mass0:11
19.Baby I Knowby DJ Gizmo & Larsh0:32
20.Hear Me on the Radioby DJ Gizmo0:22
21.Legsby DJ Waxweazle0:43
22.Mind of a Lunaticby The Predator1:26
23.Big Boys Don't Cryby The Prophet1:25
24.Bring the Noiseby E-Rick & Tactic1:38
25.Ruff 'n Rugginby Lock Jaw1:46
26.Wake Up the Overdoseby Dance Overdose1:25
27.Oblivionby The Scotchman1:15
28.Here's Johnnyby Hocus Pocus1:18
29.Boy's Interfaceby DJ Rob1:04
30.Pulp Fictionby The Dentist1:08
31.Happy VIbesby The Scotchman0:53
32.Cheese 'n Beats (and DJ Paul)by Scott Brown1:46
33.Turn It Upby The Prophet1:34
34.Hypnotisingby El Bruto1:24
35.Jieehhaaaaby Diss Reaction1:56
36.Brainwashby Ni-Cad1:03
37.Prayerby DJ Gizmo0:53
38.We Gonna Get This Placeby Too Fast for Mellow1:13
39.Kiss the Groundby T.N.T.0:21
40.I Wanna Be a Hippieby Technohead1:37
41.Dominatin'by The Prophet0:46
42.Pump Up the Bassby Buzz Fuzz1:51
43.Welcome to the Thunderdomeby DJ Dano1:18
44.Outro - Mechanical Warfareby DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim & The Radical Master DC1:00

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