The Biggest Loser (Mixtape) mp3 Album by Jelly Roll

The Biggest Loser (Mixtape)by Jelly Roll

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:48


1.Bad Times Roll2:51
2.We Got Next3:01
3.Before My Dogs (feat. Young Buck)3:43
4.So Long (feat. Yelawolf)4:00
5.Bad Apple2:39
6.Might Be Your Wife3:18
7.Goodnight Shirley2:52
8.About Me (feat. Rittz)3:38
9.I`m A Dog3:36
10.Million Dollar Dream (feat. Big Henry)3:14
11.Better Man Than I Was3:12
12.Caught In A Trap (feat. Struggle)3:13
13.Roll With Me4:30
14.F@#! It Up Again3:05
15.Fire That Dope Up (feat. Rikk Reighn)4:24
16.Phone Gon` Ring2:47
17.Never Know (feat. David Ray)3:09
19.Break The Knob Off (feat. Lil Wyte)3:40
20.Boyfriend (feat. Haystak)3:08
21.King Kong (feat. The Underground Avengers)5:51
22.Fire & Rain4:57