The Bootleg Series mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Bootleg Seriesby Various Artists

  • 101 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:31:18


Disk #1

1.Rock You Tonightby Studs3:51
2.She's Gonna Rock Youby Studs3:31
3.Girl You Gave Yourself Too Fastby Studs3:46
4.Lookin' For A Feelin'by Studs3:06
5.Take Me Homeby Studs4:08
6.The World Is Rockin'by Studs3:42
7.We Will Make It Through The Nightby Studs3:03
8.I'm Back Againby Studs4:19
9.He's Always Lonelyby Studs3:33
10.When Rock 'n' Roll Was Bornby Studs5:06
11.Bring It On Homeby Studs3:24
12.Street Girlby Studs7:08

Disk #2

1.Running With The Nightby Danish Lions3:10
2.Brooklyn Boyby Danish Lions3:43
3.Deep In Loveby Danish Lions5:41
4.El Salvadorby Danish Lions4:05
5.When Rock 'n' Roll Was Bornby Danish Lions4:51
6.Take Me Homeby Danish Lions3:21
7.How Does It Feelby Danish Lions3:18
8.You're The Only Girlby Danish Lions4:15
9.Two Peopleby Danish Lions3:42
10.Wild Boysby Danish Lions3:50
11.Bring It On Homeby Danish Lions3:52

Disk #3

1.Deep In Love With Youby White Lion5:21
2.Two Peopleby White Lion4:04
3.Rock You Tonightby White Lion3:45
4.Evil Angelsby White Lion4:53
5.After A Broken Heartby White Lion3:32
6.How Does It Feelby White Lion4:23
7.Rock You Tonightby White Lion4:00
8.The Road To Valhallaby White Lion5:10
9.Wasted Cityby White Lion3:46
10.I'm On My Wayby White Lion3:17
11.Tonight We'll Change Itby White Lion4:13
12.The Rock Is Fallingby White Lion3:58
13.Ride Through The Stormby White Lion4:34
14.Rock To The Topby White Lion3:22
15.The Last Timeby White Lion3:27
16.We Rock All Nightby White Lion2:57
17.Early Warningby White Lion4:43

Disk #4

1.Hungryby White Lion3:49
2.Lonely Nightsby White Lion4:46
3.Sweet Little Lovin'by White Lion4:18
4.Say Goodbyeby White Lion6:17
5.Turn It Upby White Lion4:50
6.Waitby White Lion5:03
7.All Join Our Handsby White Lion4:15
8.Hungryby White Lion3:44
9.Lonely Nightsby White Lion4:29
10.Sweet Little Lovin'by White Lion3:35
11.Say Goodbyeby White Lion5:53
12.Lady Of The Valleyby White Lion5:07
13.All Join Our Handsby White Lion4:05
14.Tell Meby White Lion4:37
15.Turn It Upby White Lion4:18
16.Waitby White Lion4:54
17.When The Children Cryby White Lion3:28

Disk #5

1.Goin' Home Tonightby White Lion4:39
2.Baby Be Mineby White Lion2:23
3.Don't Say It's Overby White Lion4:44
4.Broken Homeby White Lion5:12
5.If My Mind Is Evilby White Lion5:03
6.Cry For Freedomby White Lion5:23
7.Dirty Womanby White Lion3:33
8.Living On The Edgeby White Lion4:41
9.Let's Get Crazyby White Lion4:12
10.Little Fighterby White Lion4:27
11.Till Death Do Us Partby White Lion5:27
12.Cherokee (acoustic 1991)by White Lion6:23
13.Cry For Freedom (acoustic 1991)by White Lion4:31

Disk #6

1.Time To Wonderby White Lion6:51
2.Back On The Streetby White Lion4:40
3.Love Don't Come Easyby White Lion4:14
4.Out With The Boysby White Lion4:29
5.She's Got Everythingby White Lion5:20
6.It's Overby White Lion5:32
7.All That I Needby White Lion4:11
8.Broken Heartby White Lion3:46
9.Death Do Us Apartby White Lion5:16
10.Leave Me Aloneby White Lion4:18
11.Farewell To Youby White Lion4:26
12.Lights and Thunderby White Lion6:12
13.Love Don't Come Easyby White Lion4:11
14.Til Death Do Us Apartby White Lion5:39
15.You're All I Needby White Lion4:07
16.Like A Dogby White Lion3:51

Disk #7

1.Get Out Of My Wayby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen4:05
2.Ready To Goby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen5:49
3.Too Much To Drinkby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen4:36
4.Real Lifeby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen4:27
5.Things Aren't What They Used To Beby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen5:28
6.Flowersby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen7:54
7.If You Gonna Hurt Meby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen5:34
8.Taking Out My Old Guitarby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen5:02
9.Walking The Thin Lineby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen4:47
10.I Will Fight No Moreby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen7:06
11.Disturbing The Peaceby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen4:36
12.Show Me the Way To Heavenby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen3:45
13.Get Me Out Of Hereby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen3:45
14.Words Don't Countby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen4:02
15.One Loveby Mike Tramp & Oliver Steffensen3:23