The Brand New Z.Z. Hill (Remastered) mp3 Album by Z.Z. Hill

The Brand New Z.Z. Hill (Remastered)by Z.Z. Hill

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:51


1.It Ain't No Use4:53
2.Ha Ha (Laughing Song)4:29
3.Second Chance4:52
4.Our Love Is Getting Better4:03
5.Faithful & True3:17
6.The Choking Kind3:08
7.Hold Back (One Man at a Time)3:05
8.A Man Needs a Woman (A Woman Needs a Man)3:16
9.Early in the Morning2:52
10.I Think I'd Do It2:14
11.Suppertime (Home Just Ain't Home At)4:15
12.Just as I Am3:42
13.Touch Em' With Love1:51
14.Put a Little Love in Your Heart2:31
15.Just as I Am (Collectors Version)3:41
16.Faithful and True (Collectors Version)5:34
17.It's a Hang Up Baby2:30
18.Put a Llittle Love in Your Heart (Collectors Version)2:56
19.Hold Back (One Man at a Time) [Collectors Version]3:18
20.Early in the Morning (Collectors Version)3:55
21.I Think I'd Do It (Collectors Version)2:29