The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader mp3 Soundtrack by David Arnold

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treaderby David Arnold

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:06


1.Opening Titlesby David Arnold1:07
2.The Paintingby David Arnold2:28
3.High King and Queen of Narniaby David Arnold1:33
4.Reepicheepby David Arnold0:58
5.Land Ahoyby David Arnold1:43
6.The Lone Islandby David Arnold1:51
7.Lord Bernby David Arnold1:01
8.The Green Mistby David Arnold1:16
9.Market Forcesby David Arnold1:53
10.1st Swordby David Arnold1:18
11.Eustace on Deckby David Arnold1:11
12.Duelby David Arnold1:45
13.The Magician's Islandby David Arnold4:30
14.Lucy and the Invisible Mansionby David Arnold5:24
15.Coriakin and the Mapby David Arnold2:58
16.Temptation of Lucyby David Arnold1:16
17.Aslan Appearsby David Arnold0:49
18.The Golden Cavernby David Arnold2:04
19.Temptation of Edmundby David Arnold1:58
20.Dragon's Treasureby David Arnold2:54
21.Dragon Attackby David Arnold2:30
22.Under the Starsby David Arnold2:56
23.Blue Starby David Arnold1:04
24.Aslan's Tableby David Arnold2:32
25.Lilliandil and Dark Islandby David Arnold1:30
26.The Calm Before the Stormby David Arnold1:49
27.Into Battleby David Arnold11:03
28.Sweet Waterby David Arnold2:06
29.Ship to Shoreby David Arnold3:52
30.Time to Go Homeby David Arnold2:47