The Chronological Classics: Budd Johnson 1944-1952 mp3 Artist Compilation by Budd Johnson

The Chronological Classics: Budd Johnson 1944-1952by Budd Johnson

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:15


1.Smack That Mess3:05
2.Dee Dee's Dance3:03
3.Little Benny (King Kong)2:43
4.Shoot the Arrow to Me Cupid3:06
5.You're the One3:04
6.Goin' Down2:44
8.Heard but Not Seen2:42
10.Bouncing for Barney2:58
11.Bed Rock2:53
12.Opera in Blue3:02
13.Drag Nasty (The Walk)2:53
14.My Heart's Doing Time2:47
15.I Just Can't Find That Kind2:51
16.So Long3:15
17.Blue and Sentimental3:05
18.Sometime I Feel Like Leaving Home3:12
19.Grooving in Birdland3:11
20.I'm All Alone3:11
21.Talk of the Town2:56
22.Where Were You?2:12
23.Way Downtown at the Bottom of the Hill2:25