The Chronological Classics: Ethel Waters 1925-1926 mp3 Artist Compilation by Ethel Waters

The Chronological Classics: Ethel Waters 1925-1926by Ethel Waters

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:08


1.Loud Speakin' Papa3:03
2.You Can't Do What My Last Man Did3:05
3.Pickininny Blues3:07
4.Sweet Man2:52
6.No Man's Mama3:08
7.Tell 'em About Me3:07
8.Maybe Not at All3:15
9.Shake That Thing3:21
10.I've Found a New Baby3:02
11.Make Me a Pallet on the Floor2:55
12.Bring Your Greenbacks2:53
13.After All These Years3:09
14.Throw Dirt in Your Face2:56
15.I'm Saving It All for You2:52
16.Refrigeratin' Papa3:25
17.If You Can't Hold That Man You Love2:51
18.Satisfyin' Papa2:58
19.Sugar in the Gourd3:14
20.I Wonder What's Become of Joe2:51
21.You'll Want Me Back3:11
22.Heebie Jeebies2:49
23.Ev'rybody Mess Around2:47

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