The Chronological Classics: Mary Lou Williams 1927-1940 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Chronological Classics: Mary Lou Williams 1927-1940by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:39


1.Midnight Stompby Jeanette's Synco Jazzers2:45
2.The Bumpsby Jeanette's Synco Jazzers2:31
3.Down in Gallionby John Williams' Synco Jazzers3:14
4.Goose Greaseby John Williams' Synco Jazzers3:17
5.Pee Wee Bluesby John Williams' Synco Jazzers3:28
6.Now Cut Looseby John Williams' Synco Jazzers2:48
7.Night Lifeby Mary Lou Williams2:59
8.Drag 'emby Mary Lou Williams2:55
9.Corny Rhythmby Mary Lou Williams2:46
10.Overhand (New Froggy Bottom)by Mary Lou Williams2:50
11.Isabelleby Mary Lou Williams2:59
12.Swingin' for Joyby Mary Lou Williams2:36
13.Clean Pickin'by Mary Lou Williams2:52
14.Mary's Specialby Mary Lou Williams2:49
15.The Pearlsby Mary Lou Williams3:06
16.Mr. Freddie's Bluesby Mary Lou Williams2:48
17.Sweet (Patootie) Patuniaby Mary Lou Williams2:34
18.The Rocksby Mary Lou Williams2:38
19.Little Joe From Chicagoby Mary Lou Williams2:37
20.Mary Lou Williams Bluesby Six Men and a Girl3:20
21.Tea for Twoby Six Men and a Girl2:52
22.Scratchin' the Gravelby Six Men and a Girl3:14
23.Zonkyby Six Men and a Girl2:56
24.Baby Dearby Mary Lou Williams and Her Kansas City Seven2:52
25.Harmony Bluesby Mary Lou Williams and Her Kansas City Seven2:53