The Chronological Classics: Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1933-1934 mp3 Artist Compilation by Mills Blue Rhythm Band

The Chronological Classics: Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1933-1934by Mills Blue Rhythm Band

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:37


1.Ridin' in Rhythm3:16
2.Weary Traveller3:13
3.Buddy's Wednesday Outing3:20
4.Harlem After Midnight3:03
5.Jazz Martini3:05
6.Feelin' Gay2:57
7.Break It Down2:46
8.Kokey Joe3:09
9.Love's Serenade3:27
10.Harlem After Midnight3:19
11.Drop Me Off in Harlem2:49
12.Reaching for the Cotton Moon3:05
13.The Stuff Is Here and It's Mellow3:00
14.The Growl2:59
15.Swingin' in E Flat3:02
16.Lat's Have a Jubilee2:56
17.Out of a Dream3:06
18.African Lullaby3:02
20.Dancing Dogs2:51
21.Love's Serenade3:04
22.Keep the Rhythm Going2:55
23.Like a Bolt From the Blue3:07