The Chronological Classics: Una Mae Carlisle 1941-1944 mp3 Artist Compilation by Una Mae Carlisle

The Chronological Classics: Una Mae Carlisle 1941-1944by Una Mae Carlisle

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:31


1.Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man2:47
2.It Ain't Like That2:30
4.City Called Heaven2:58
5.I'm the One Who Loves You3:05
6.My Wish3:07
7.Coffee and Cakes2:57
8.Moonlight Masquerade2:35
9.Don't Tetch It!2:21
10.So Long, Shorty2:30
11.I'm Tryin'2:57
12.Sweet Talk3:03
13.'Tain't Yours2:53
14.Without You Baby3:08
15.I'm a Good, Good, Woman2:50
16.Ain't Nothin' Much3:01
17.I Like It, 'Cause I Love It3:06
18.You Gotta Take Your Time2:53
19.He's the Best Little Yankee to Me2:38
20.I Speak So Much About You3:02
21.Teasin' Me2:39
22.You and Your Heart of Stone3:09
23.You're Gonna Change Your Mind2:45
24.I've Got a Crying Need for You2:55