The Coldest mp3 Album by Dush Tray

The Coldestby Dush Tray

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:37


2.Money by Any Means (feat. Young Teak)3:54
3.Separate Yours From Mine (feat. Nomad & Scoop)4:18
4.Mr. Curiosity (feat. Cloud Nine & Taydatay)3:37
5.Caught Up2:21
6.No Matter What It Takes (feat. L-Man & Baby Menace)3:41
7.Coldest (feat. L-Man & Baby Menace)6:00
8.Lett'em Know (feat. Big Vic & Race)4:10
9.Gettin' Thick3:37
10.Climbing to the Top (feat. Diamond D)4:18
11.Bad News (feat. 11/5)2:40
12.Get'cha Money3:32
13.Tro (feat. Big Luck & Killa)1:07
14.Everyday Life (feat. Big Luck, Cig, Nomad, Ricky & Sunni)3:44