The Collection 1989-2003 mp3 Artist Compilation by Lisa Stansfield

The Collection 1989-2003by Lisa Stansfield

  • 173 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 17:16:05


Disk #1

1.This Is the Right Time4:32
2.Mighty Love5:13
4.The Love in Me5:01
5.All Around the World4:28
6.What Did I Do to You?4:51
7.Live Together6:11
8.You Can't Deny It5:32
10.When Are You Coming Back?5:17
12.Wake Up Baby3:55
13.The Way You Want It4:59
14.This Is the Right Time (Miles Ahead mix)7:50
15.All Around the World (long version)7:10

Disk #2

1.My Apple Heart5:20
2.Lay Me Down4:18
3.Something's Happenin'3:59
4.Sing It5:35
5.This Is the Right Time (extended version)5:42
6.All Around the World (Around the House mix)6:05
7.Live Together (extended version)8:56
8.What Did I Do to You? (Mark Saunders remix)5:54
9.You Can't Deny It (extended version)7:48
10.The Love in Me (extended version)7:09
11.This Is the Right Time (Kick mix)6:42
12.All Around the World (Runaway Love mix)4:42
13.Live Together (Home Sweet Home mix)7:48

Disk #3

2.Real Love5:02
3.Set Your Loving Free5:03
4.I Will Be Waiting5:05
5.All Woman5:17
6.Soul Deep4:12
7.Make Love to Ya4:55
8.Time to Make You Mine5:00
9.Symptoms of Loneliness & Heartache4:45
10.It's Got to Be Real5:18
11.First Joy4:25
13.A Little More Love4:35
14.Whenever You're Gone4:08
15.Time to Make You Mine (Sugar Lips mix)6:42
16.Change (Knuckles mix)6:32

Disk #4

1.Set Your Loving Free (extended version)6:04
2.Everything Will Get Better (extended mix)8:06
3.Change (Driza Bone mix)6:12
4.Time to Make You Mine (Bomb Squad remix)5:15
5.Make Love to Ya (The Floor mix)6:29
6.Everything Will Get Better (Underground club mix)9:55
7.Time to Make You Mine (House dub)4:47
8.Set Your Loving Free (Kenlou 12")7:28
9.Everything Will Get Better (Sax on the Beach mix)6:38
10.Time to Make You Mine (Kenlou Supa mix)6:34
11.Set Your Loving Free (Mellow mix)4:55
12.Change (Misty dub mix)7:34

Disk #5

1.So Natural5:06
2.Never Set Me Free5:01
3.I Give You Everything4:40
4.Marvellous & Mine4:16
6.Little Bit of Heaven4:28
7.Sweet Memories5:32
8.She's Always There5:05
9.Too Much Love Makin'4:34
10.Turn Me On4:41
11.Be Mine4:32
12.In All the Right Places6:04
13.Wish It Could Always Be This Way4:43
14.Gonna Try It Anyway3:52
15.So Natural (Be Boy mix)5:19
16.Little Bit of Heaven (Bad Yard club mix)7:29

Disk #6

1.Someday (I'm Coming Back)5:36
2.In All the Right Places (Soundtrack version)5:39
3.So Natural (U.S. remix)5:26
4.I Give You Everything (U.S. remix)4:45
5.Little Bit of Heaven (Junior vocal mix)6:41
6.Someday (I'm Coming Back) (Absolute remix)5:34
7.So Natural (No Preservatives mix)7:29
8.Little Bit of Heaven (Seventh Heaven vocal mix)6:22
9.Marvellous & Mine (Sure Is Pure mix)9:43
10.So Natural (Roger's club mix)5:49
11.Little Bit of Heaven (Roach Motel dub)9:07
12.Someday (I'm Coming Back) (Classic 12" club mix)7:46

Disk #7

1.Never Gonna Fall5:16
2.The Real Thing4:20
3.I'm Leavin'4:38
5.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up5:02
6.Don't Cry for Me5:03
7.The Line4:26
8.The Very Thought of You5:23
9.You Know How to Love Me5:31
10.I Cried My Last Tear Last Night4:13
12.Somewhere in Time4:45
13.Got Me Missing You4:43
15.Baby Come Back3:34
16.People Hold On (Jon Is the Don mix)8:11

Disk #8

1.The Real Thing (Touch extended mix)6:22
3.You Get Me5:35
4.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (77th Heaven mix)7:11
5.The Line (Devaney & Mokran mix)5:54
6.The Real Thing (Silk's Real House Thang)9:46
7.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Frankie's Hard R&B club mix)6:54
8.The Line (Hippie Torrales mix)6:46
9.The Real Thing (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vocal mix)7:35
10.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Nikolas & Sibley club mix)8:37
11.Never Gonna Fall (Junior's Return to 27th & 10th Anthem)10:26

Disk #9

1.I've Got Something Better4:23
2.Let's Just Call It Love4:15
3.You Can Do That4:31
4.How Could You?4:32
6.I'm Coming to Get You3:54
8.Wish on Me4:50
10.Don't Leave Now I'm in Love4:19
11.Didn't I?4:51
12.Face Up4:54
13.When the Last Sun Goes Down3:57
14.All Over Me5:08
15.Can't Wait To4:28
16.Let's Just Call It Love (original vocal mix)5:33
17.8-3-1 (Ian Devaney remix)6:03

Disk #10

1.Let's Just Call It Love (Dreemhouse Full extended mix)4:34
2.More Than Sex5:02
3.8-3-1 (Morales radio mix)3:25
4.I've Got Something Better (Trackmasters remix)3:54
5.All Around the World (Norty Cotto remix)7:39
6.Let's Just Call It Love (Silk cut mix)5:39
7.8-3-1 (Morales alternative club mix)9:45
8.All Around the World (Junior Vasquez Earth Anthem)10:48
9.Let's Just Call It Love (D.Y.N.K. vocal)6:14
10.8-3-1 (Morales dub)8:15
11.All Around the World (Norty's World dub)7:53
12.Let's Just Call It Love (K-Warren Full vocal)6:14

Disk #11

1.People Hold On (Full Length disco mix)9:24
2.What Did I Do to You? (Morales mix)8:02
3.Change (Ultimate club mix)7:54
4.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Frankie's Classic club mix)8:16
5.This Is the Right Time (The Rhythm mix)7:51
6.The Real Thing (K-Klassic mix)8:39
7.Let's Just Call It Love (Feel It mix)7:41
8.Make Love to Ya (Light Me Up mix)5:00
9.Set Your Loving Free (Dubmaster edit)4:42
10.Time to Make You Mine (Sunship mix)6:03
11.All Around the World (The Global Quest)6:24

Disk #12

1.Live Together (Live It Up mix)6:45
2.This Is the Right Time (Shep Pettibone extended remix)9:45
3.I'm Leavin' (Hex Hector N.Y.C. Rough mix)10:09
4.Let's Just Call It Love (Bass City Rollaz Rollin' dub)5:52
5.Never Gonna Fall (Wyclef remix)3:56
6.Set Your Loving Free (Low Life mix)5:46
7.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (After Hours mix)7:04
8.The Love in Me (12" remix)7:10
9.You Can't Deny It (Sky King mix)8:22
10.What Did I Do to You (Anti Poll Tax dub)6:30
11.Change (Metamorphosis mix)7:59

Disk #13

1.All Around the World (American club mix)11:34
2.The Line (Pure Funk mix)4:21
3.Change (Bone Idol mix)5:58
4.Live Together (Big Beat mix)5:04
5.The Real Thing (Yūtenji mix)4:54
6.You Can't Deny It (Yvonne Turner extended remix)7:42
7.The Line (Ian O'Brien Benfleet 3:30 mix)10:04
8.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Franktified Off the Hook dub)7:16
9.What Did I Do to You? (Red Zone mix)7:47
10.Time to Make You Mine (In My Dreams mix)9:26
11.All Around the World (Attack mix)5:02

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