The Complete Chess Masters (1950-1967): Little Walter mp3 Artist Compilation by Little Walter

The Complete Chess Masters (1950-1967): Little Walterby Little Walter

  • 126 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:01:44


Disk #1

1.Evans Shuffle2:14
2.Juke (Single Version)2:45
3.Juke (Alternate Take)2:58
4.Can't Hold Out Much Longer3:01
5.Can't Hold Out Much Longer (Alternate)2:52
6.Blue Midnight (Alternate Take)3:03
7.Blue Midnight3:00
9.Mean Old World2:55
10.Sad Hours3:13
11.Fast Boogie2:48
12.Fast Boogie (Alternate 1)3:14
13.Fast Boogie (Alternate 2)2:57
14.Fast Boogie (Alternate 3)3:00
15.Don't Need No Horse3:16
17.Driftin' (Alternate)3:08
18.Don't Have To Hunt No More3:02
19.Crazy Legs3:23
20.Tonight With A Fool2:53
21.Off The Wall (Alternate Version)2:56
22.Off The Wall2:50
23.Tell Me Mama2:46
24.Quarter To Twelve3:14
25.That's It3:11

Disk #2

1.Blues With a Feeling (alternate take)2:56
2.Blues With a Feeling3:08
3.Last Boogie2:33
4.Too Late2:42
5.Fast Boogie2:52
6.Lights Out2:46
7.Fast Large One2:51
8.You're So Fine3:05
9.My Kind of Baby3:08
10.Come Back Baby2:55
12.I Love You So (Oh Baby)2:33
13.Oh Baby2:46
14.I Got to Find My Baby (alternate take)3:08
15.I Got to Find My Baby2:49
16.Big Leg Mama2:48
17.Mercy Babe (My Babe)3:19
18.Last Night2:55
19.You Better Watch Yourself3:05
20.Blue Light3:15
22.Last Night2:45
23.Mellow Down Easy2:43
24.My Babe2:42
25.My Babe (Overdubbed version)2:31

Disk #3

2.Roller Coaster2:54
3.I Got to Go2:42
4.Hate to See You Go3:05
5.Little Girl3:07
6.Crazy for My Baby3:02
7.Can't Stop Lovin' You2:49
8.One More Chance With You2:55
10.Boom, Boom Out Goes the Light2:51
11.It Ain't Right2:55
12.Flying Saucer3:03
13.It's to Late Brother2:44
14.Teenage Beat3:02
15.Take Me Back3:06
16.Just a Feeling2:54
17.Nobody but You2:07
18.Temperature (version 1)1:59
19.Shake Dancer2:45
20.Everybody Needs Somebody2:54
21.Temperature (alternate 1)2:15
22.Temperature (alternate 2)2:17
23.Temperature (take 30)3:28
24.Temperature (take 35-38)4:55
25.Temperature (version 2)2:40
26.Ah'w Baby (alternate)2:51

Disk #4

1.Ah'w Baby2:54
2.I've Had My Fun (alternate)2:14
3.I've Had My Fun (alternate 2)2:27
4.I've Had My Fun2:03
5.The Toddle2:38
6.Confessin' the Blues3:04
7.Key to the Highway2:46
8.Rock Bottom2:31
9.Rock Bottom2:19
10.Walkin' On2:37
11.You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby) (take 5)2:43
12.You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby) (Alt.)3:08
13.You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby)2:49
14.One of These Mornings (instrumental)3:13
16.My Baby Is Sweeter (alternate)2:52
17.My Baby Is Sweeter2:29
18.Crazy Mixed Up World (alternate)2:01
19.Crazy Mixed Up World2:01
20.Worried Life (alternate)2:18
21.Worried Life2:41
22.Everything's Gonna Be Alright (take 1)4:29
23.Everything's Gonna Be Alright (alternate 1)2:16
24.Everything's Gonna Be Alright (alternate 2)3:02
25.Everything's Gonna Be Alright2:51
26.Mean Old Frisco (alternate)3:06
27.Mean Old Frisco2:26

Disk #5

1.Back Track2:50
2.One of These Mornings2:57
3.Blue and Lonesome (alternate)4:52
4.Blue and Lonesome2:56
5.Me and Piney Brown2:33
6.Break It Up2:28
7.Going Down Slow2:56
8.You're Sweet3:00
9.I Don't Play2:19
10.As Long as I Have You2:40
11.You Don't Know2:25
12.Just Your Fool2:25
13.Up the Line2:08
14.I'm a Business Man2:55
15.Dead Presidents2:54
16.Southern Feeling3:00
17.Back in the Alley3:08
18.I Feel So Bad (take 1)2:44
19.I Feel So Bad (take 2)4:15
20.Chicken Shack2:48
21.Feel So Bad2:58
22.Make It Alright3:24