The Complete Columbia & RCA Albums Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Charles Mingus

The Complete Columbia & RCA Albums Collectionby Charles Mingus

  • 95 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 11:01:36


Disk #1

1.Dizzy Moods5:52
2.Ysabel's Table Dance10:29
3.Tijuana Gift Shop3:53
4.Los Mariachis10:19
6.Dizzy Moods (composite (partial) alternate take)8:27
7.Ysabel's Table Dance (composite (partial) alternate take)13:11
8.Los Mariachis (composite (partial) alternate take)12:32
9.Flamingo (composite (partial) alternate take)6:43

Disk #2

1.Tijuana Gift Shop (alternate take)4:47
2.A Colloquial Dream (Scenes in the City)10:59
3.Flamingo (composite (partial) alternate take)8:19
4.Ysabel's Table Dance (breakdowns / composite incomplete take)11:52
5.Dizzy Moods (breakdown)1:35
6.Dizzy Moods (bass solos)0:48
7.Tijuana Gift Shop (breakdowns)7:15
8.Tijuana Gift Shops (solos edited out of master take)1:26
9.Los Mariachis (false start / breakdowns)4:30
10.Los Mariachis (false start / breakdowns)9:10
11.Los Mariachis (false start / breakdowns / rehearsal)14:57
12.A Colloquial Dream (breakdown)0:49
13.A Colloquial Dream (breakdown)3:22

Disk #3

1.Better Git It in Your Soul7:23
2.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat5:44
3.Boogie Stop Shuffle5:03
4.Self-Portrait in Three Colors3:10
5.Open Letter to Duke5:51
6.Bird Calls6:18
7.Fables of Faubus8:14
8.Pussy Cat Dues9:15
9.Jelly Roll6:17
10.Pedal Point Blues6:31
11.GG Train4:40
12.Girl of My Dreams4:08

Disk #4

3.Song With Orange6:50
4.Gunslinging Bird5:14
5.Things Ain't What They Used to Be7:36
6.Far Wells, Mill Valley6:15
7.New Now Know How4:14
8.Mood Indigo8:14
9.Put Me in That Dungeon2:54

Disk #5

1.Better Git It in Your Soul (alternate)8:32
2.Bird Calls (alternate)4:55
3.Jelly Roll (alternate)6:43
4.Song With Orange (alternate)6:43
5.Diane (alternate)7:32
6.New Now Know How (alternate)4:22
7.Revelations (first movement)12:04
8.Non-Sectarian Blues3:43

Disk #6

1.The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers9:38
2.Adagio ma non troppo8:27
3.Don't Be Afraid, the Clown's Afraid Too9:29
4.Taurus in the Arena of Life4:21
5.Hobo Ho10:11
6.The Chill of Death7:42
7.The I of Hurricane Sue10:09

Disk #7

1.Introduction (By Bill Cosby)1:06
2.Jump Monk7:28
6.Us Is Two10:12
7.Taurus in the Arena of Life (a.k.a. Number One Grandson)4:54
8.Mingus Blues5:33
9.Introduction to Little Royal Suite (By Bill Cosby)0:14
10.Little Royal Suite20:20

Disk #8

1.Introduction to Strollin' by Bill Cosby0:50
3.The I of Hurricane Sue11:12
4.E's Flat, Ah's Flat Too (a.k.a. Hora Decubitus)17:08
7.Don't Be Afraid, the Clown's Afraid Too10:36

Disk #9

1.Main Score, Part 17:08
2.Percussion Discussion8:37
3.Main Score, Part 25:08
4.Started Memory11:54
5.Better Get It in Your Soul9:07
6.The Soul3:20
7.Moods in Mambo4:15
8.Self Portrait - Chill of Death11:27
9.O.P. (Oscar Pettiford)2:04
10.Please Don't Come Back From the Moon9:50

Disk #10

1.Monk, Bunk & Vice Versa (Osmotin')3:05
2.Peggy's Blue Skylight4:35
3.Wolverine Blues6:13
4.The Children's Hour of Dream9:09
5.Ballad (In Other Words, I Am Three)9:43
7.Interlude (The Underdog Rising)5:25
8.Noon Night4:28
9.Main Score (reprise)4:47