The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection, Volume 3 by Various Artists

The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection, Volume 3

by Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 2:25:01


Disk #1

1.Tight Spotby Dave Barker & The Upsetters2:42
2.Knock on Woodby The Untouchables2:47
3.Heart & Soulby The Upsetters2:49
4.Zig Zagby The Upsetters3:00
5.Elusionby Teddy & The Upsetters3:05
6.Big John Wayneby Val Bennett & The Upsetters2:02
7.Mr. Brownby Bob Marley & The Wailers3:35
8.Draculaby The Upsetters2:55
9.Confusionby The Untouchables3:07
10.Confusion (version)by The Upsetters3:03
11.Kayaby Bob Marley & The Wailers2:36
12.Kaya (version)by Bob Marley & The Wailers2:43
13.Small Axeby Bob Marley & The Wailers4:01
14.All in One: Bend Down Low / Nice Time / One Love / Simmer Down / It Hurts to Beby Bob Marley & The Wailers3:39
15.You've Got to Be Mineby The Hurricanes3:04
16.You've Got to Be Mine (version)by The Upsetters3:02
17.Shocks 71by Dave Barker & Charlie Ace4:17
18.The Creeperby Charlie Ace3:10
19.Creeping (version)by The Upsetters3:00
20.Copaseticby U-Roy & The Upsetters2:58
21.Don't Cross the Nationby Little Roy2:12
22.Groove Meby Dave Barker4:25
23.Screwdriverby Dave Barker & The Upsetters2:58

Disk #2

1.What a Confusionby Dave Barker & Bunny Wailer3:26
2.Confusion (version 2)by The Upsetters2:54
3.Earthquakeby The Upsetters3:24
4.A Place Called Africaby Junior Byles2:42
5.Run Up Your Mouthby Stranger Cole2:51
6.Mouth (version)by The Upsetters2:53
7.Never Had a Dream Come Trueby Glen Adams3:27
8.Never Had a Dream Come True (version)by Glen Adams & The Upsetters3:29
9.Picture on the Wallby Carl Dawkins & The Wailers2:54
10.Picture on the Wall (version)by The Upsetters2:59
11.More Axeby Bob Marley & The Wailers3:31
12.The Axe Manby The Upsetters2:47
13.Dark Moonby The Upsetters3:19
14.You'll Be Sorryby David Isaacs2:56
15.Dreamlandby The Wailers2:44
16.Dreamland (version)by The Upsetters2:37
17.Well Dreadby Dennis Alcapone3:01
18.Well Dread (version)by The Upsetters3:01
19.Piece of My Heartby Hortense Ellis3:30
20.Piece of My Heart (version)by The Upsetters3:29
21.Suspicious Mindsby Hortense Ellis3:16
22.Earthquake (version)by U-Roy3:07
23.Give Me Powerby The Stingers3:17
24.Give Me Power (version)by 3rd & 4th Generation2:17