The Complete Works I & II mp3 Artist Compilation by Touch

The Complete Works I & IIby Touch

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:01:34


Disk #1

1.Don't You Know What Love Is3:59
2.When The Spirit Moves You3:57
3.Love, Don't Fail Me4:27
4.Black Star3:37
5.There's A Light3:57
6.So High5:24
7.Last Chance For Love3:56
8.Yes (You Need To Rock'n Roll)4:21
9.Listen (Can You Feel It)4:53
10.My Life Depends On You5:09
11.Don't You Know What Love Is (Live)4:01

Disk #2

1.Never In Love4:16
2.Just One Step4:18
3.Frozen On A Wire4:48
4.Far Enough4:42
5.Too Much In Love4:08
6.Take It Back3:59
7.Anything For Rock 'N Roll3:36
8.You're Not A Child Anymore4:21
9.Between The Lines3:56
10.Beg Me4:33
11.Is It Really Me?4:42
12.Feels Like Love4:11
13.Let Me Love You5:04
14.Tonight (Rough Mix Version)4:19
15.Just Take A Beat Of My Heart (Rough Mix Version)4:29
16.Look (Rough Mix Version)4:31
17.I Found Someone (Rough Mix Version)4:00

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