The Crow (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Graeme Revell

The Crow (Deluxe Edition)by Graeme Revell

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:40:18


Disk #1

1.Birth Of The Legendby Graeme Revell6:19
2.Foreverby Graeme Revell1:30
3.Absolution Acceptedby Graeme Revell2:27
4.Despairby Graeme Revell1:38
5.Resurrectionby Graeme Revell2:11
6.Never Ever Fearby Graeme Revell3:44
7.Inertiaby Graeme Revell1:49
8.Pain And The Shadowsby Graeme Revell0:42
9.The Crow Descendsby Graeme Revell2:32
10.A Cold October Nightby Graeme Revell1:09
11.Remembranceby Graeme Revell2:56
12.Rain Foreverby Graeme Revell2:34
13.Shattered In The Headby Graeme Revell0:46
14.Her Eyes...So Innocentby Graeme Revell2:46
15.Tracking The Preyby Graeme Revell3:36
16.Elegyby Graeme Revell0:34
17.The Tides Of Sinby Graeme Revell2:08
18.Pain And Retributionby Graeme Revell2:35
19.Angels All Fireby Graeme Revell1:18
20.Believe In Angelsby Graeme Revell3:32

Disk #2

1.Respect To The Livingby Graeme Revell3:27
2.Truth To The Deadby Graeme Revell0:56
3.Killing Timeby Graeme Revell1:25
4.A Vision From Hellby Graeme Revell1:53
5.Captive Childby Graeme Revell2:34
6.Devil's Nightby Graeme Revell2:32
7.Innocent Loversby Graeme Revell2:15
8.On Hallowed Groundby Graeme Revell2:44
9.Twisted Wreckageby Graeme Revell3:14
10.Infernoby Graeme Revell5:04
11.Eyes Like Candyby Graeme Revell3:26
12.Ironyby Graeme Revell1:16
13.Legacy Of Brutalityby Graeme Revell1:50
14.Watching You Graeme Revell2:28
15.Angel From Hellby Graeme Revell4:05
16.Praying For Rainby Graeme Revell0:49
17.Return To Graveby Graeme Revell3:47
18.Last Ritesby Graeme Revell3:55
19.Destroy Myselfby Graeme Revell1:47
20.End Titles: It Can't Rain All The Time (and Jane Siberry)by Graeme Revell4:05