The D.Trance Singles mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The D.Trance Singlesby Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:58:31


Disk #1

1.Die Herdplatte 2000 (Radio Edit)by Gary D.3:39
2.Games Of Death (Club Mix)by Desperados7:42
3.Sound Connection (Original Mix)by Copyright Killers8:01
4.Heartbreak (Original Version)by Cosmic Commando7:48
5.Shitheadby Shithead7:27
6.The Lightby Luna System7:15
7.What Is Love (Full Size Mix)by Novaya7:57
8.D.Trance Anthem (and DJ High-Ko)by Gary D.8:03
9.Hymn (Gary D. & Mellow D. Mix)by 2D7:39
10.Im Readyby Sound Structure5:50
11.The Flyby DJ Tomac7:57

Disk #2

1.Julikaby S-Project8:41
2.Take Controlby Gary D.8:28
3.Little Lightby Novaya8:13
4.Donnergottby Gary D.8:04
5.Did You Hear Me (Club Mix)by Cosmic Commando7:18
6.Hot Like The Sun (The 97 EFX Remix)by Suburb Sonics6:34
7.Absolution (Mellow Ds Absolute Infused Mix)by Sound Structure6:48
8.Step Forwardby Gary D.7:43
9.D-Rayby Sound Structure7:50
10.Emotionsby DJ Tomac6:43

Disk #3

1.Hypnotic Harmony (DJ Shahs Remix)by Transit8:23
2.Creator (Original Mix)by Das Effekt6:34
3.Techno Perversion (Original Club Mix)by Shithead6:18
4.Ver.Di-Pulse (Club Mix)by Generation Next5:39
5.Elements (DJs At Work Remix)by Neocortex7:21
6.Masterpiece Of Emotion (DJ Daniel Bruns Remix)by Aeon7:45
7.I Feel It (Club Mix)by Copyright Killers6:46
8.My Houzze (Hardline Mix)by Gary D.7:17
9.Given It All I Got (Club Mix)by DJ High-Jacker5:55
10.Slave To The Rave (Club Mix)by Cosmic Commando7:59

Disk #4

1.Special Megamix By DJ Mydeby Various Artists1:12:54