The Deadfaced Dimension mp3 Album by Angerfist

The Deadfaced Dimensionby Angerfist

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:28:52


1.The Invasion (intro)1:11
2.Strange Man in Mask4:59
3.The Deadfaced Dimension (feat. MC Nolz)5:13
4.Outta Control (feat. Evil Activities & E-Life)5:47
5.Knock Knock4:03
6.Bad Attitude4:57
7.Temple of Disease (Tha Playah remix)6:34
8.Santiago (feat. Miss K8)4:36
9.Shadowman (feat. Decipher & Shinra)4:37
10.Street Fighter5:35
11.Just Like Me (feat. Tha Playah & MC Jeff)5:21
12.Wake Up Fucked Up (feat. Negative A)4:53
13.Vato (Hardbouncer remix)4:15
14.Messing With the Wrong Man5:24
15.From the Blackness5:08
16.Necroslave (N-Vitral remix)5:35
17.Don't Fuck With Me5:30
18.Messenger of God (feat. Radical Redemption)4:53
19.Relinquish (feat. Lowroller)5:16
20.Odious (State of Emergency remix) (feat. Outblast)4:21
21.Claim You (feat. Dyprax)4:37
22.Burn This MF Down5:02
23.Take U Back (Mad Dog remix)5:06
24.Dirty Man (feat. Tieum)4:14
25.Get MF Raw (feat. MC Jeff)5:07
26.Bloodshed (feat. Unexist & Satronica)4:29
27.Fresh With the Gargle (Partyraiser remix) (feat. Crucifier)4:47
28.The People Got a Choice (feat. Drokz)4:53
29.Mindscape (feat. Predator)4:58
30.When You're Gone (feat. Radical Redemption)5:06
31.Carnival of Doom [The Supreme Team]6:14
32.The Desecrated6:17
33.New World Order (feat. Miss K8)5:18
34.Pagans (feat. Lowroller)5:06
35.Bring the Pain (feat. Noize Suppressor)5:02
36.Slice Em Up (feat. Tieum & MC Nolz)4:16
37.Immortal (feat. Hellsystem)4:33
38.Full Gentle Racket4:16
39.Reason to Hate (feat. Radium)5:31
40.Chaos & Evil (Andy the Core remix)3:42
41.Inframan (feat. Dr Peacock)6:26
42.Deathmask (Tripped remix) (feat. Drokz)5:44