The Dragon Prince, Season 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Frederik Wiedmann

The Dragon Prince, Season 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)by Frederik Wiedmann

  • 37 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:44


1.Encounter at the Breachby Frederik Wiedmann2:49
2.The Moon Nexusby Frederik Wiedmann1:10
3.Only Humanby Frederik Wiedmann3:07
4.In the Moon Templeby Frederik Wiedmann1:45
5.Slidey-Sling Go-Fast Ropeby Frederik Wiedmann1:08
6.The Half-Moonby Frederik Wiedmann1:37
7.Nothing, Nothing, Nothing!by Frederik Wiedmann1:19
8.How Am I Going To Tell Him?by Frederik Wiedmann1:58
9.He's Really Gone / Mysterious Strangerby Frederik Wiedmann1:59
10.I Can't Let You Goby Frederik Wiedmann1:52
11.I See Youby Frederik Wiedmann0:56
12.Spread Your Wingsby Frederik Wiedmann1:27
13.The Name's Captain Villadsby Frederik Wiedmann1:27
14.Follow My Leadby Frederik Wiedmann2:02
15.Face the Stormby Frederik Wiedmann0:45
16.After the Storm / Rejectionby Frederik Wiedmann1:43
17.A Threat from Xadiaby Frederik Wiedmann1:59
18.Jelly Tarts in Bedby Frederik Wiedmann1:22
19.Lady Justice / The Queens of Durenby Frederik Wiedmann1:57
20.The Letterby Frederik Wiedmann2:03
21.Magma Titanby Frederik Wiedmann2:17
22.I'll See You on the Other Sideby Frederik Wiedmann3:25
23.Proudby Frederik Wiedmann2:04
24.Breaking the Cycleby Frederik Wiedmann2:33
25.Your Kind of Magicby Frederik Wiedmann1:53
26.Dragon Duelby Frederik Wiedmann1:37
27.How May I Serve You?by Frederik Wiedmann1:53
28.His Own Faultby Frederik Wiedmann0:59
29.The True Kingby Frederik Wiedmann1:16
30.Soren's Truthby Frederik Wiedmann1:27
31.Destiny Is a Book You Write Yourselfby Frederik Wiedmann1:17
32.Into Your Heart and Mindby Frederik Wiedmann1:50
33.Drowningby Frederik Wiedmann1:47
34.Head, Hand, And Heartby Frederik Wiedmann3:50
35.Milkfruit / Aspiro!by Frederik Wiedmann2:53
36.Going Homeby Frederik Wiedmann3:36
37.Wingsby Frederik Wiedmann2:42