The Dutch Masters, Volume 1: Mixtape (Limited Edition) mp3 Artist Compilation by Nicolay

The Dutch Masters, Volume 1: Mixtape (Limited Edition)by Nicolay

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:38


Disk #1

1.Intro (feat. Phonte)0:39
2.Fantastic (feat. Thyrday)3:42
3.Light It Up (feat. Little Brother)3:06
4.The Blessing (feat. Soul)3:34
5.The Williams (feat. Nicolay & Supastition)3:50
6.Nic's Groove (feat. The Foreign Exchange)4:13
7.1st Date (feat. Von Pea)5:30
8.Love Life Music (feat. Eye Plus Eye)4:13
9.I Can't Wait (feat. Jaquar Wright & Bilal)4:28
10.So Far (feat. Ilwil & Jamezee)3:59
11.It's Us (feat. Living Legends)5:36
12.Hold Me Down (feat. Gridlock Fam)3:06
13.Metropolis (feat. Mr. Shhhh)2:44
14.Globetrotters (feat. Pig & Ear2ear)3:29
15.Hold On (feat. Science Fiction)5:52
16.All That You Are (feat. The Foreign Exchange)5:28
17.Come Close (feat. Common & Mary J. Blidge)5:14

Disk #2

1.Intro (instrumental)0:38
2.Fantastic (Remix) (instrumental)3:42
3.Light It Up (Remix) (instrumental)3:06
4.The Blessing (instrumental)3:34
5.The Williams (Remix) (instrumental)4:05
6.Nic's Groove (Remixes Blend) (instrumental)4:13
7.1st Date (instrumental)5:30
8.Love Life Music (Remix) (instrumental)4:13
9.I Can't Wait (Remix) (instrumental)4:28
10.So Far (Remix) (instrumental)3:59
11.It's Us (Remix) (instrumental)5:36
12.Hold Me Down (instrumental)3:06
13.Metropolis (Dodge City Anthem) (instrumental)2:44
14.Globetrotters (Remix) (instrumental)3:23
15.Hold On (Remix) (instrumental)6:00
16.All That You Are (Remixes Blend) (instrumental)5:29
17.Come Close (Remix) (instrumental)5:09