The Eightfold Road: Metal Arrangements From Octopath Traveler by FamilyJules

The Eightfold Road: Metal Arrangements From Octopath Traveler

by FamilyJules

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:51:55


Disk #1

1.Octopath Traveler Main Themeby FamilyJules3:33
2.Olberic, The Warriorby FamilyJules3:09
3.Cyrus, The Scholarby FamilyJules3:19
4.Tressa, The Merchantby FamilyJules3:07
5.Ophilia, The Clericby FamilyJules3:02
6.Primrose, The Dancerby FamilyJules3:06
7.Alfyn, The Apothecary (feat. Carlos Eiene)by FamilyJules3:20
8.Therion, The Thiefby FamilyJules2:52
9.H'aanit, The Hunterby FamilyJules3:33
10.The Trees Have Eyesby FamilyJules3:37
11.Enveloped In Kindnessby FamilyJules3:00
12.The Cliftlands (feat. Dan DeSimone)by FamilyJules3:28
13.The Frostlandsby FamilyJules3:16
14.The Sunlandsby FamilyJules2:45
15.The Highlandsby FamilyJules3:03
16.The Riverlandsby FamilyJules5:12

Disk #2

1.My Quiet Forest Homeby FamilyJules4:37
2.Flamesgrace, Guiding Lightby FamilyJules2:03
3.Sunshade, City Of Pleasures (feat. Sab Irene)by FamilyJules3:26
4.A Settlement In The Red Bluffsby FamilyJules2:42
5.Orewell, Beneath The Cragsby FamilyJules2:39
6.Victors Hollow, Jewel Of The Forestby FamilyJules3:06
7.Dark Caverns (feat. ToxicxEternity)by FamilyJules3:36
8.Beneath The Surfaceby FamilyJules3:20
9.Battle Iby FamilyJules3:07
10.Battle IIby FamilyJules3:21
11.Battle IIIby FamilyJules3:17
12.Decisive Battle Iby FamilyJules4:03
13.Decisive Battle IIby FamilyJules3:32
14.Battle At Journey's Endby FamilyJules4:06
15.They Who Govern Reasonby FamilyJules4:54
16.Daughter Of The Dark God (feat. Adriana Figueroa)by FamilyJules6:44