The Elektra Years 1978-1987 mp3 Artist Compilation by The Cars

The Elektra Years 1978-1987by The Cars

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:57:30


Disk #1

1.Good Times Roll3:45
2.My Best Friend's Girl3:44
3.Just What I Needed3:44
4.I'm in Touch With Your World3:30
5.Don't Cha Stop3:03
6.You're All I've Got Tonight4:13
7.Bye Bye Love4:13
8.Moving in Stereo4:43
9.All Mixed Up4:15

Disk #2

1.Let's Go3:33
2.Since I Held You3:17
3.It's All I Can Do3:46
4.Double Life4:14
5.Shoo Be Doo1:38
7.Night Spots3:14
8.You Can't Hold On Too Long2:49
9.Lust for Kicks3:53
10.Got a Lot on My Head2:59
11.Dangerous Type4:32

Disk #3

2.Touch and Go4:56
3.Gimme Some Slack3:34
4.Don't Tell Me No4:03
5.Getting Through2:38
6.Misfit Kid4:32
7.Down Boys3:07
8.You Wear Those Eyes4:58
9.Running to You3:22
10.Up and Down3:37

Disk #4

1.Since You're Gone3:31
2.Shake It Up3:32
3.I'm Not the One4:10
4.Victim of Love4:24
6.A Dream Away5:40
7.This Could Be Love4:27
8.Think It Over4:56
9.Maybe Baby5:06

Disk #5

1.Hello Again3:46
2.Looking for Love3:52
5.Stranger Eyes4:25
6.You Might Think3:05
7.It's Not the Night3:49
8.Why Can't I Have You4:04
9.I Refuse3:16
10.Heartbeat City4:31

Disk #6

1.Leave or Stay2:57
2.You Are the Girl3:53
3.Double Trouble4:15
4.Fine Line5:23
5.Everything You Say4:54
6.Ta Ta Wayo Wayo2:52
7.Strap Me In4:24
8.Coming Up You4:19
9.Wound Up on You5:00
10.Go Away4:39
11.Door to Door3:19